Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Month in Review

April was a very busy month for the world and for Pundit Press. Unfortunately, Boston was victim to a tragic attack that left hundreds injured and three dead. Ricin was sent to the President, a judge, and a Senator. News came out that Syria had used a chemical weapon on their own people. And North Korea repeatedly threatened war, then was utterly forgotten about.

Pundit Press also had it's biggest month ever, with every other month paling in comparison. Even the week after the election in November, in which over 150,000 people visited our site in seven days, was no where close to April. And now the stats that I'm sure you've been waiting for:

Total traffic in April: 428,948 pageviews, an average of 14,298 a day
Highest pageviews in one day: 232,266 on April 19, an average of 9,678 an hour, or about 3 people a second

The top posts of April:

1. Sunil Tripathi Information 4/18/2013, by Matthew, with 90,471 hits

2. Mike Mulugeta Twitter?, by Aurelius, with 39,188 views

3. Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev Death Photo, 4/19/2013- GRAPHIC, by Aurelius, with 33,491 pageviews

4. Mike Mulugeta Facebook, by Matthew, with 19,340 views

5. Sunil Tripathi Facebook Page 4/18/2013 (Boston Speculation), by Matthew, with 12,605 hits

6. Was Sunil Tripathi's Family in on the Boston Bombing?, by Matthew, with 11,460 pageviews

7. Who Bombed the Boston Marathon?, by Matthew, with 8,598 views

8. Boston Bombing: Who is Responsible?, by Aurelius, with 6,259 hits

9. "The Bing Challenge?" Yes, It's Rigged... Or at the Very Least, Something is Very Wrong, by Aurelius, with 5,765 views

10. Bombs at Boston Marathon: Explosions Injure Dozens, by Aurelius, with 5,681 hits

11. Paul Kevin Curtis, Ricin Letter Suspect, Revealed to be Democrat, by Aurelius, with 5,339 pageviews

12. Update: Boston Marathon Suspect is a Saudi National, by Matthew, with 4,754 hits

13. Who is Responsible for Boston Marathon Explosions?, by Aurelius, with 4,505 views

14. Boston Marathon Suspect Picture?, by Matthew, with 4,117 hits

15. Report: Suspect Being Held in Boston Marathon Bombing, by Matthew, with 4,072 pageviews

Number of posts with 1,000 or more hits: 49 (a 613% increase)

Top posters of April:

1. Aurelius with 326 articles

2. Matthew with 272 articles

3. Mr. K with 49 articles

4. Just a Conservative Girl with 3 articles

5. Dr. Robert Owens with 2 articles

6. Eric Dondero with 2 articles

7. MO Atty with 1 article

Total articles written: 655

Things of Interest:

One of Mr. K's article broke 1,000 hits!

Joe C. is apparently missing, since he didn't write on the site

In the month of April, Pundit Press was 94,303rd biggest site on the web, according to Alexa


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