Friday, May 10, 2013

Nigerian Cult Murders 30 Police Officers in the Nasarawa State

I guarantee Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan is feeling anything but lucky at this moment - religious violence between the Muslim north and the Christian south is intensifying, confidence in his government is declining and now dozens of police officers have been killed or wounded in an ambush by a bizarre cult in Nasarawa state.

The police officers, roughly numbering sixty, were heading to the Alayko Village to arrest the chief of the Ombatse cult that is responsible for the intimidation of both Christian and Muslim believers by storming their respective houses of worship and forcing villagers to swear an oath of allegiance to their group.

But they walked straight into an ambush that resulted in the deaths of thirty officers and the disappearance of seventeen more, prompting the Nigerian President to cut short a diplomatic trip abroad and return to discuss the matter with military and policy agencies to address security concerns in his unstable nation.

The Ombatse, meaning "the time has come" in traditional language, is technically outlawed in Nigeria but still worshiped by members of the Eggon Community, who represent just one of over two hundred ethnic groups in the culturally diverse nation - many of whom practice traditional belief systems such as the aforementioned.

Their mission is to apparently fight the human vices of alcohol and adultery by kidnapping and forcing people to join their cult, which is a damn good reason why the local police are cracking down on them, but maybe it is time to bring in the military instead to deal with these, ahem, domestic terrorists.

Crazy shit going on in Nigeria.

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