Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dem Party Communications Director: Press 'Forfeits [Their] Rights' if They Don't Meet with Holder

The irony is thick on this one.

Eric Holder, who committed perjury when giving testimony to Congress about the AP-tapping scandal, has agreed to talk to the press. He only has one condition: it must be off-the-record, and no one outside of the room must ever know what happened.

In response, the New York Times has decided to boycott the presser, with Executive Editor Jill Abramson stating, "It isn’t appropriate for us to attend an off the record meeting with the attorney general."

Well, the Democrat party is none-too-pleased with the NY Times' stand. In fact, Democratic Party Communications Director Brad Woodhouse decided to not only lash out at the Times, but also at press rights as a whole.

Writing on Twitter, he declared that if the press does not want to attend the secret meeting that no one must ever know about, then they "forfeit [their] right gripe" about illegal activity that Eric Holder conducts:
Naturally, this incredibly asinine statement was met with derision:

However, Woodhouse's statement should not simply be written off as a stupid statement. Rather, it typifies the Obama White House's attitude that either you put up with what we do, you shut up, or else.


  1. The voice of the modern American Democrat Party. He probably picks his nose at the dinner table, too.

  2. And the moon waxes and wanes...


    Holder is nothing more than Obama's buttboy, a veritable sin-eater. As, Cole is Holder's buttboy.
    Clinton started all this 'children in charge garbage'... Obama is merely the recipient of special olympic scholars, if not outright treasonous assistance. Clinton never sold out the Constitution, Obama acts like it never existed. Screw impeachment, treason charges are proper , hell can RICO be brought against MB and their pivot man, Barry?

  4. Shove it Woodhouse.We the people want it on the record so we can know what is said and not have it second hand.