Thursday, April 18, 2013

Paul Kevin Curtis, Ricin Letter Suspect, a 9/11 "Truther," Claimed to Have Found "Dismembered Body Parts and Organs in a Refrigerator"

The story of Paul Kevin Curtis, also known as "KC," is getting stranger and stranger. First, the media mis-reported that a "Kenneth Curtis" had been arrested as the ricin letter suspect. Then it was changed to Paul Kevin Curtis.

Next it was revealed that Curtis describes himself as a liberal and a democrat. After this, pictures like this began to be found:
Now there's this: "KC" believed the terrorist attacks of September 11 were perpetrated by the government of the United States, and specifically pleaded with President Obama on Twitter to investigate. He sent out this tweet twice on two separate occasions:
The video linked to is of Charlie Sheen explaining why 9/11 was undertaken by the government:

He also posted about conspiracy theories on his Twitter account:

Just as odd, if not more so, was the fact that Paul Kevin Curtis claims to have found "dismembered body parts and organs in a refrigerator." Under his username "kcjustice" on the conspiracy website Daily Censored, he posted this message:
I am all too familar with secret surveillance, spy tactics used by gov officials, law enforcement, CIA, FBI, Private detectives and/or your local pub owner who gets off on peeking at the girls in the restroom where he wired his $60.00 spy cam from radio shack above the venting system.

I have been spied on since 2001 after accidentally discovering a refrigerator full of dismembered body parts and organs in a refrigerator housed in the morgue of the largest non-metropolitan healthcare organization in the USA.

Want to know my story?
Both of these links, however, no longer function.  Curtis, however, did write a book entitled "Missing Pieces."

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