Friday, February 01, 2013

The Month in Review

It's amazing when you have to write articles like this! Well, after a busy January, Pundit Press is here to satiate your lust for stats. And what better way to do it than recap the month we just had?

Total traffic in January: 48,411 pageviews, an average of 1,562 a day
Highest pageviews in one day: 10,103 on January 3, an average of 421 an hour

The top posts of January:

1. Breaking: Boehner Out as Speaker?, by Aurelius, with 11,752 hits

2. Hugo Chavez Death Photo?, by Matthew, with 2,869 hits

3. NAACP: "You Mad, Bro?" Meme is Racist, by Aurelius, with 1,961 hits

4. "Under God" Removed By Obama During Inauguration Pledge, by Aurelius, with 1,586 hits

5. Manti Te’o Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Girlfriend Picture, by Matthew, with 1,520 hits

Number of posts with over 1,000 hits: 8

Top posters of January:

1. Aurelius with 101 articles

2. Matthew with 58 articles

3. Mr. K with 20 articles

4. Dr. Robert Owens with 4 articles

5. Eric Dondero with 2 articles

6. Kaptain Krude with 1 article

Total Articles written: 186

Things of Interest:

Breitbart has been kind enough to link to us twice over the last month

We've received an unusually high number of hits from Reddit this month

What the hell, Mr. K?


  1. It's called working and not being able to use a computer half the time.

    1. That doesn't really explain why you've never written that much...

  2. You don't have to be a fucking faggot about it, Mr. K.