Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Liberals on Marco Rubio's Intelligent SOTU Response: "What an Idiot, He Drank Water!"

Liberals have a difficult time staying on point in an argument. Never was this so obvious in the aftermath of Marco Rubio (R, FL) and his response to President Obama's State of the Union speech. Mr. Rubio made a point-by-point analysis of why President Obama has failed the American people, which offering a myriad of practical, conservative solutions to the problems that face the United States.

In response, the Left has responded in unison: "What an Idiot, He Drank Water!" That's right, for a moment during Mr. Rubio's response, he paused to drink from a bottle of water. Here's the video in case you missed it:

A little awkward? Sure. But we have all had a dry throat at some time. The President himself drank water during a speech at a recent G20 conference:
But because Marco Rubio is a Republican, this has become a scandal to the left. Within hours of the speech, CBS dubbed Mr. Rubio's drink "water bottle-gate."  The Wall Street Journal covered thousands of people criticizing Rubio.

Mindless liberal drones followed suit on twitter, excoriating Mr. Rubio for drinking. A simple search for "Rubio water" reveals liberals calling him a moron for the sip:
Some even called for his death because of the water:
Some were happy to use more offensive terms:

This is the world we are living in, clear evidence of why President Obama was reelected. After an excellent, point-by-point speech about the troubles that face the United States today, the uninformed masses are talking about someone drinking water.

Update: Video Emerges of Obama THROWING Water Bottle During Speech

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  1. So this article is suggesting that because you can find a few people on social media who were judging Rubio harshly because he drank some water during his response speech is indicative of "the Left responding in unison"? Why the hell would you even publicize what "mindless Liberal drones" say anyway, you are just validating them by doing so. I lost 2 minutes of my life reading this and one posting on it. I guess I'm the hypocrite. LOL

    1. 1. Why did you bother posting on it then?

      2. Did you bother doing your own research? I doubt this site can post thousands of responses, no one wants to read that.

      3. I see you intentionally didn't bother reading the part about CBS or other news agencies covering it. Clearly your two minutes of "reading" were spent unwisely.

      Either remove your head from your ass or actually read and research what you're whining about. LOL

    2. Yeah my "research" was that I watch Rubio's speech. I was commenting on this article, not anything CBS or any other major network did. You are correct in restating that of the 2 minutes i spent reading this I thought it was moronic, just like your reply. Your an idiot, and your a perfect example of the downside of freedom of speech. Please do the world a favor and don't have children.