Monday, November 12, 2012

The Fall and Rise of America’s International Image

Over the past decade, the reputation of the United States has plummeted in countries throughout the entire world. Many that used to place confidence and respect in the country now mock it. Someone can find many factors that contributed to the decline in global popularity, but a combined effort of each factor is what caused the reputation ruin.

The past decade hasn't brought much hope of restoration of the country’s former glory internationally. However, the past few years have brought hope of a strong reputation in the future. According to a study by Pew Research, the global reputation of America has strengthened the past few years. This new found image is the result of several different practiced used by the United States to develop and maintain our public image to the world.

One of the biggest contributors to the stronger international reputation was a simple change in leadership. Under the new presidential administration, several more countries have placed confidence in the United States. Sometimes, certain leadership simply doesn’t mesh right. This even occurs in the corporate world. Ford Motor Company was on the brink of closing its doors. Yet after a simple change in the CEO, the company prevailed in an awesome comeback. It now thrives as one of the top automobile companies in America.

Another challenge America faced with their international reputation was hearing from the crowd. Other nations had opinions and America seemed too caught up in their own business to care. Under the new administration, America leveled itself down with everyone else and became a part of the crowd in order to help serve them better. By doing this, the public image of America began to rise again.

A similar instance happened with the popular pizza chain, Domino’s. In the middle of a rough recession, Domino’s stopped worrying about going bankrupt and started worrying about pleasing its customers. It complete revamped its recipe and used a cleaver campaign to move forward. Since its campaign, Domino's has restored its reputation and even gained new customers.

Ultimately, whether a country or corporation, you must educate yourself in order to succeed. Listen to what others are saying about you and do whatever you can to change the negative opinion. Read the Wikipedia review of to see what lengths some businesses are willing to go in order to protect one of their company’s greatest assets: their reputation. Then take what you learn and apply it to your company. If an entire nation can turn itself around, so can your business.

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