Monday, November 12, 2012

Facebook Blocks Arab Group Because they Show Women Not Wearing Veils

Facebook is striking back at the administers of the group Uprising of Women in the Arab World. The reason? One of the women in the group had the audacity to show herself without a veil on.

In October, Dana Bakdounes posted a picture of herself unveiled, holding a message that read in Arabic and English, “I am with the uprising of women in the Arab world because for 20 years I was not allowed to feel the wind in my hair.”

By October 25, the picture was removed by Facebook. Facebook took further action, temporarily banning five administrators of the group because they had posted "content that violated" Facebook's terms of service.
Deemed offensive by Facebook
The crime? The picture “threatens, intimidates, harasses, or brings unwanted attention or embarrassment to an individual or group of people.” In this case, the Arab world.

There is also word that the group was temporarily blocked completely.

Freedom of speech? Not on Facebook.

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  1. Our tech companies should not be censoring for foreign regimes.

  2. interesting that fb would shut down a page that showed photos of (muslim) women without veils -
    I just 'un-liked' a fb page of 'the beauty of nature' (or somesuch - photos of nature) that has been posting soft porn of scantily clad women in provacative poses...
    people (mostly women) have been complaining for days, and the page is still up...

  3. Next thing is they'll be engaging in pornography.