Saturday, November 10, 2012

Obama Received Astounding 98% of the Vote in Detroit

President Barack Obama defeated Governor Mitt Romney by astounding numbers in Detroit, Michigan, amassing 98% of the vote to Romney's 2%. In a city of over 700,000 people, Mr. Romney was only able to get 6,016 votes according to government tallies.

Mr. Obama received a staggering 281,382 votes, over forty-five times that of the governor. Democrats won heavily in Detroit, though no Democrat who faced a Republican challenger received a higher percent of the vote than the President.
When there were two democrats running for the same office, they received almost the exact same number of votes. Voters, however, always chose the one who appeared on the ballot first slightly more than the democrat who appeared next.

Turnout was just under 51% in the city.

Other interesting results in this campaign include Mr. Obama receivimg over 99% of the vote in numerous districts in Broward County, Florida. In various districts in Cleveland, he received 100% of the vote. In Florida, Mr. Obama received over 99% of the vote in precincts where GOP inspectors had been removed.

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  1. Detroit. 82.7% African American. Major employers the auto industry. Per capita income $14,118. So black people, union workers, and poor people voted for Obama? You are linking to actual inner city Detroit, not it's metropolitan area where there are more well to do suburbs. It's not shocking at all. Is this a conspiracy theory blog now?

    1. Yeah, 82.7%=98%! And you never used the word "shocking" or "fraud" in your article, but... you're mean! Gary Johnson 2012!

    2. You focus on only one part of my argument, ignoring 2/3 of it. 82.7% black does not equal 98%. However when the per capita income of Detroit is $14,118 (super poor) and it also has a large union population, you start to see a city that I'm sure Romney didn't bother campaigning in.

  2. The only conspiracy here is the one that Detroit has against itself and its citizens.