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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hmm: Obama Received Over 98% in Dozens of VA Districts, Often in Odd (But Similar) Patterns

In looking at the voting data from Richmond, Virginia, an observer is struck by a few things. First is that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama were running neck-and-neck for the first several precincts. Even in heavily democratic precincts, Romney was still garnering around 25-30% of the vote.

Then, all of a sudden, all in order, starting with Precinct 213, Obama received: 90.30% of the vote, then 95.91%, then 89.62%, then 94.68%, then 97.49%, then 94.16%, then 95.09%. Before these Obama numbers began, Romney had gotten over 30% of the vote, and after they finished, Romney shot back up to 23%.

But this wasn't the only "blip" on the radar. Mr. Obama received over 99% of the vote in two precincts in Richmond, over 98% in another two, and over 97% in four. And they all came in peculiar fashion.
Voters in the same districts would go slightly towards Romney or slightly for Obama, then six or seven in a row would be plus-90% for Obama... then go back to slightly for one of the candidates, then again, another five or six in a row 90% for Obama.

The same odd pattern showed up in Norfolk, Virginia. Precincts would be relatively close, going to Obama or Romney. Then they'd explode towards Obama. For example, starting with Precinct 311, Obama received 68.97%, then exploded to 98.08% of the vote, then 98.21%, then 99.05%, then 97.86%, then 97.96%, then immediately dropped to 58.66%. And these heavily-Obama precincts were not all in the same city, but various cities through Virginia.

It's a good thing the vote in Virginia wasn't close, though, right?

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  1. Precincts are drawn up geographically so large swaths of African American populations begin in one, travel to the next, and continue on. If you've even been in a city with a large Latino or African American population, you'd know that they settle into communities together. In fact your data here and on several other posts seems to directly correlate the fact that Romney was unable to appeal to minority communities. That is a problem that will have to be addresses as minority birth rates increase and Caucasian birth rates decline.

    1. cjrec, I don't know how you're able to type with Barack Obama's dick in your mouth

    2. If it were in my mouth I'd still have use of my hands? I'm not actually sure how to respond to that, as I didn't vote for him. In fact I would bet fiscally speaking that my views are much more conservative than yours. Do you know that the income tax was allowed by a constitutional amendment? Our founding fathers never intended for government to take our money, hell that's why they revolted against the British. Do you know who signed the first income tax bill? Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President ever. He signed the Revenue Act of 1861. Then he signed the Revenue Act of 1862 which was the first progressive income tax ever, which means it taxed the wealthier more than the less wealthy. Since then, both the Dems and Republicans have spent our money with very little return.

    3. cjrec - don't worry about our foul-mouthed, idiot friend. Obviously, he's been thinking about "dick" a lot recently.

      I'd say this blog post (and site overall) was idiotic.... except it's obviously conscious and deliberate in lying and therefore morally corrupt and dangerous.

      "Odd"? No. It is not odd. You're cherry-picking districts and clearly suggesting stats prove fraud. African Americans voted for Obama. If they were poor, they voted yet more for Obama. Those districts voted fairly similarly in 2008. Is it just poor African Americans who vote so uniformly? No. Precinct 9 in Madison County, Idaho is amongst the most uniform, except they vote GOP:


      "Close"? No, Virginia was actually not close. Virginia has shifted from being a red state to a blue state. 2.5% or 3.2M advantage for Obama. The Northern Virginia counties are representative of where Virginia is going (demographically, population growth etc), and Obama spanked Romney. And that's not counting the drubbing George Allen received from Tim Kaine for Senate.

      Not "odd". Not "close". Blog posts like this are WHY the GOP got spanked. The GOP is not going to win elections by SCARING an increasingly small party base. It's going to become corrupt at its core if it feels comfortable lying as a matter of practice (also known as propaganda). It will get crushed in future elections if it doesn't confront the real reasons why it really lost.... and learn from them.

  2. our votes were stolen by the corrupt DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL PARTY,and i feel physically sick 2 my stomach-No 1 in our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has the STONES 2 STAND UP 2 this coup that has USURPED the GOVERNMENT 4the PEOPLE&by the PEOPLE-VETERANS who swore 2 defend&protect OUR CONSTITUTION are just watching our DESTRUCTION unfold- we need a HERO!!!!!!!!

    1. Dude, put the tin foil back on your head. Your a paranoid nut-bag. Better yet - Lithium.

    2. Go away shill. There are no paranoid nutbags here, just libtard moonbats trying to whine that numbers aren't facts.

  3. Look, there is a big difference between 90% of 15,000 people voting for one party, and 90% of 100,000 people voting for one party. And what about the 98% in Detroit? A 700,000 person city? That seems more than a little out of line.

    1. It's not "Detroit". Go look at the results precinct by precinct. Look at the demographics. The parties have been gerrymandering, which creates lots of goofy voting results. Search for top republican counties and districts, and you'll find 98/99% too.

      Detroit results: http://www.detroitmi.gov/Portals/0/docs/elections/pdfs/2012/November2012/Nov%202012%20General%20Election_Unofficial%20Summary%20Report_w%20Director%20signature.PDF

      Not 700k voters. Just 289k ballots cast (50% turn out). 96-98% voting towards Dem Presidential candidate for at least the past 3 elections.

  4. Yeah, it's all a big evil socialist, liberal media conspiracy eh? Give me a fuggin break.

    Oh and by the way is your rear still sore from the legitimate rape you received from the Democrats this week?

    1. I got it...I got it. You guys deserve to gloat a bit, but quit acting like this thing was any kind of a mandate. Do I think there was voter fraud? Absolutely, but I live in Philadelphia and know the machine that exist here. but I digress...

      There is no mandate. The country remains evenly divided. Add the GOP vote with the Ron Paulians and Gary Johnsons out there, and it definitely is split down the middle.

      As for people being upset...its part of the grieving process, something I would think you touchie feelie types would recognize rather than being so vindictive and rash in your responses. At least they are just venting on the internet.

      Recognize this as well...had the election gone the other way, theres a better than average chance that American cities would still be on fire today. So tell me again about how these people here are reacting???

    2. Agreed. All the Democrats managed to do was to get the moochers, nanny staters, and unions out to the polls in a big way. All the cities, which are more or less war/crime zones and worthless for anything other than cranking out votes for the Democrats, voted for their hero, the Great Re-distributor for their free Obama phones and other stuff.

      The GOP ran a candidate that the Democrats successfully demonized an otherwise very moderate Republican who was a governor of a dark blue state as some hard right extremist. They also characterized him as out of touch and "rich", all while getting people to ignore the President's 12 million net worth, and all the perks he's enjoyed while the people suffer.

      Akin didnt do the GOP any favors either, and really helped the Democrats demonize and lie through their teeth with that phoney war on women crap.

    3. Forgot to add that they in addition to painting the President as "one of the people" as he sits back with his $12 million in the bank, and heads to the golf course more than any past Chief Executive, just how in bed he is with the banksters and Wall Street.

      THAT is the greatest accomplishment achieved. Obama is Bush. Same wars, started more conflicts, killing American citizens, bailing out failed businesses, Taking money from Wall Street and other crony capitalists, taking money, pissing taxpayer money away, driving up the debt, ect

      The only difference between Bush and Obama is the color of their skin, and Obama leans more to the left a tad. So who exactly is defrauding who? I think the hard left, and African American community wh is sitting at 15-22% unemployment depending on the city.


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