Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Compilation of Democrat Fraud in Election

There was a tremendous amount of fraud from the Left yesterday. Did that swing the entire election? Probably not.

Fraud in PA: Obama Got Over 99% of Vote at Polls Where GOP Inspectors were Removed; Turnout Somehow "30%" Above Gov't Numbers

What Luck! Obama Won Dozens of Cleveland Districts with 100% of the Vote

 Did their disgusting fraud disenfranchise thousands of people? Yes. Here now is just a short compilation of outright fraud that Democrats celebrated yesterday:

Multiple people proudly declared that they had voted repeatedly for President Obama. This man voted four times and intended to vote again:
These people proudly declared that they had voted at least twice:
Across Philadelphia, Republican poll watchers were forcefully (and illegally) removed from polling locations, as reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer:
Throughout the country, Republicans went to vote... only to find that their name and vote had already been used.

They hadn't voted:
"Voted for BO:"

Down in Texas, voters were bribed with Obama phones to vote for the President:

In the meantime, back in Philadelphia, Black Panthers were intimidating voters again. Here's a picture of one man smiling as he intimidates voters:
And here's video of it:

And we mustn't forget thousands of ballots for soldiers and veterans that mysteriously disappeared.

...But thank goodness there's no fraud.

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  1. Thank goodness there's no fraud on the Left!

  2. I find it hard to believe that someone found out they already voted for Obama, as your vote is secret, and polling places , even electronic ones, keep you anonymous when you vote, the "key" that allows you to vote merely unlocks the machine and has no personal information on it. While we are at it, why didn't this list include the computers that switched votes from Obama to Romney, or the polling places that were mysteriously consolidated in a GOP controlled state? Why not include the attempts to tell voters, especially in hispanic and black neighborhoods, that they were supposed to vote on Thursday, instead of Tuesday? Lets be fair and balanced in our reporting, especially if we are going to complain that others lean one way or the other. BTW, I am an Independent, and did not vote for either big party candidate, and no, I don't consider my vote wasted. One day the rest of you will wake up and realize that Both parties are shoveling a big steaming pile, and you have been eating it up for years.

  3. Wow. Lauren Bice / @bicebice_baby is a conservative who was stating she voted in 2 elections separately. Good job accusing fellow conservatives of voter fraud. Check her feed if you don't believe me. I even took a screencap for you:

    1. Where does it state that she is a conservative?

    2. Why am I the only one who can look at twitter? I thought when I found this site it might be a half decent conservative site. However I've had to fact check non-stop. Which I don't mind but here we go: She states she doesn't want to go on reddit because of all the liberals, and that she is pissed obamacare is going into effect.

    3. Just a bit further down, she mentions being turned in for voting twice. She then states it was for two different elections.