Tuesday, November 06, 2012

FRAUD: Democrat- "Already Voted Twice Today, Once in MO, Once in KS"

We've already covered fraud in Pennsylvania and intimidation in Philadelphia. Now we have declarations of voting more than once.

Multiple liberals have taken to Twitter to tell their followers that they have voted twice or more. In an election that is so close, fraud like this cannot be allowed.

One man proudly declared that he's already voted in both Missouri and Kansas:
Others were just happy to declare that they voted for Obama twice today.

"People make jokes:"
"Voted more than once:"
"I voted twice:"
Liberals at their finest.

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  1. And this surprises who? Liberals are experts at violating the law. Cheating comes natural to them...Without cheating they knew they had NO chance of winning.

  2. considering this is a felony, why don't we subpoena their twitter accounts and arrest the idiots?