Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Canadian Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Recognize Jewish Refugees

HT: The Jewish Daily Forward

We have all heard of the untold number of Palestinian refugees displaced by the evil Israelis since they occupied the formerly Arab controlled lands in 1948, but what about the near million Jewish refugees who were displaced from Arab lands after the U.N. passed their two-state solution sixty years ago?

Oh.... You haven't heard about that? Well, one Canadian lawmaker wants to change that.

Irwin Cotler, a Liberal Party lawmaker and former Canadian justice minister, introduced a measure last week for his national parliament to recognize the 850,000 Jews who were displaced, to call on the U.N. to recognize both refugee populations and to reaffirm the original two-state solution agreed  to six decades ago.

The greatest example of Jewish migration is Baghdad - before the creation of a Jewish nation almost 40% of the Iraqi capital was Jewish, but it quickly dissipated to a non-existent ethnicity, something that was seen across the Arab world as their rage against their former neighbors and even friends grew over the audacity of the Jews to reclaim their promised land.

Cotler is motivated by the complete absence of the crimes committed against Jews, Christians and other refugees from Arab lands during the same timeframe of over one hundred U.N. resolutions in support of the Palestinians plight and hardships, and desires the international record to be corrected.

We can only hope he succeeds in his efforts and Canada takes this stand with the Jews against the U.N.'s hypocrisy.

What say you?

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