Wednesday, November 14, 2012

20Sixteen -- Twenty16

So children, what do you think is going to happen
four years from now?

What do you think is happening right now?

Hmmm, lets take a peek into the crystal ball...

Somewhere in the world, there is a pothead rolling
a fatty, no citizenship in any country, no medical
history, no background, no friends, no job, no life
experience, unless you count drugs, sex and booze -

and this no account is being choomed  groomed
to be the next president of what used to be the
united states of america.

Someone group of thugs democrats is expunging
records, making up a life history, scamming up a
marriage, finding some children, buying some new
duds expensive suits, ties and shirts, shredding
documents, making up documents, whilst hitting
up the leftist idiots in hollywood for funding.

And, they are rubbing their sweaty, grimy palms,
because they can't wait to get their hands on what
is left at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave of the gourmet
food, golf, vacations and state dinners with the
third world dictators and robed sheiks with rings
on their fingers and bells on their toes.

Oh, wait, how about this?  Maybe he is some
fat redneck, dirty t-shirt, mouthful of skoal,  long
neck in one hand and a dead cat in the other.

Lives in a trailer with his boyfriend, spends all day
drinking, watching the idiots on cnn and judge judy,
channel surfing, yakking on his obama phone to some
idiot who is driving, texting, eating an egg mcmuffin
and listening to greenday.

At night he is enrolled in a charm course, is on a no
carb diet and a group of chicago thugs only has two
years to get him ready for prime time.

Who knew?  No one ever said, "Only in Russia, only
in Cuba, only in Siberia."

Right now, even as the thugs are struggling to figger
out the big words, neil diamond, barbar streisand,
mat damon, georg cloony, cris rock, alek balwin and
the rest of the hollowood idiots are preparing a big
fundraising bash at sarajesseidiot's trailer park.

What a country, where a peanut farmer, choom gang
banger and another villiage idiot can have a go at
destroying in a few short years what it took good
people 400 years to build.

Praise the Lord and pass the .223

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