Saturday, October 06, 2012

Israeli F-16's Shoot Down Drone Over South Israel

According to news reports coming out of Israel this afternoon, two Israeli F-16's shot down an unmanned surveillance drone this morning that was apparently operated by Hezbollah linked elements in Lebanon and was constructed by the Iranians. The drone was detected in the Mediterranean Sea and after determining it was unarmed, shot down over Mount Hebron.

The drone operators attempted to confuse the Israelis by approaching their airspace from the sea and the Gaza Strip, particularly the latter where numerous drones are in operation by the IDF to monitor terrorist activities, but the Israeli air force was able to detect its flight well before reaching their soil.

Speculation is abound that the drone is one of Iran's newly developed unmanned aircraft designed to both engage and monitor targets thousands of kilometers away from the Persian State, and if such speculation is proven accurate, definitely begs the question of is this somehow in relation with their nuclear ambitions and how does Israel respond?

It is troubling that Hezbollah has access to such technologically advanced drone systems, but when you take into account the IDF's early detection of the aircraft and their quick destruction of it, I am unworried about our allies ability to defend themselves against regional threats.

What say you?

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