Monday, July 09, 2012

Romney Destroys Obama in June Fundraising

In the months leading up the actual start of this year's presidential campaign, President Obama's re-election team would often boast that they were going to out raise any opposing Republican with well over $1 billion by the final weeks of the election... Ugh, about that....

June 2012 Presidential fundraising numbers:

Romney - $106 million
Obama - $71 million

This is the second consecutive month Mr. Romney has out-fund raised the incumbent, and at this pace he will likely be closer to the mythical $1 billion mark by November 6th, especially as donations come in by the train load in the final weeks, which is when Obama raised his record breaking $150.7 last time around.

Now, I'm sure Obama's poor haul will be used to clobber Romney on the perils of unlimited fundraising, and a call for the Supreme Court's Citizens United to be overturned, but let us remember he and his allies were the ones actively giddy over the prospect of $1 billion in their reserves - without one care for the influence of that much money in American politics.

What say you?

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