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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obama Campaign Attacks Contributors after being Out-Fundraised: "This is no joke!"

In either a moment of anger or of trying to goad their supporters into ponying up more dough, the Obama Campaign released a new message: "This is no joke." The sentence came in the latest email to Obama supporters in which Ann Marie Habershaw, Chief Operating Officer for Obama for America, trembled at the prospect of the Romney campaign fundraising more money than President Obama.

"We still got beat. Handily," Ms. Habershaw explained to Obama followers. "Romney and the RNC pulled in a whopping $106 million... You know what that means. We've got some work to do," she continued.

She next plugged the three dollar donation that every single email in the last few months has asked for. Ms. Habershaw, clearly aware of how often her campaign asks for money, demanded that Obama supporters not disregard her frantic message.

"This is no joke," she exclaims. "If we can't keep the money race close, it becomes that much harder to win in November." Later, in a final attempt to solicit money, she guilts followers by saying bluntly, "...what happens next is up to you. Donate today."

Here is the entirety of the email:
From: Ann Marie Habershaw, BarackObama.com
Subject: We could lose if this continues
To: "XXXXX XXXXXXX" (xxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com)
Date: Monday, July 9, 2012, 2:34 PM


Well, I've got some good news and some bad news.

Good news first: June was our best fundraising month yet. We exceeded expectations -- more than 706,000 people stepped up and pitched in for a grand total of $71 million raised for this campaign and the Democratic Party.

Bad news? We still got beat. Handily. Romney and the RNC pulled in a whopping $106 million.

So, to recap: We had our best fundraising month yet, and we still fell about $35 million short. We can win while being outspent -- but we need to keep it close.

You know what that means. We've got some work to do.

Pitch in $3 or more right now to start closing the gap.

This is no joke. If we can't keep the money race close, it becomes that much harder to win in November.

But this election isn't about how much money our campaigns can raise -- none of us would be fighting this hard just to win a money war. We're here because we believe in something bigger -- because none of us wants to see this country go back to the policies that drove our economy into a ditch, which is exactly what the other side wants to do.

Whatever it is that brings you to this fight, what happens next is up to you. Donate today:


- Ann Marie

Ann Marie Habershaw
Chief Operating Officer
Obama for America

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  1. So Hope n Change is now Smug, Stupid n Desperate. Couldnt happen to a nice crowd.


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