Thursday, June 07, 2012

Romney Leads in Michigan 46-45

According to a new poll conducted by WILX, a news station out of Lansing, Republican challenger Mitt Romney has taken a small, albeit statistically insignificant, lead over President Obama in Michigan: where private and public unions are essentially surrogates for the Obama campaign, and even though his dad served as a popular Governor, Mitt hasn't performed well in the state until now.

Romney - 46%
Obama - 45%

The station wont be releasing the full results until this evening's broadcast, but they did find that Romney's strong opposition to the auto bailouts hurts both his favorable ratings, and the likelihood of him receiving support from two-fifth's of the electorate automatically. The poll also found that when informed of his anti-bailout position, the results actually flip to Obama 46-45, which is a surprisingly small reversal.

Regardless, this is excellent news for Romney after Walker's decisive victory in Wisconsin two days ago. States that went handily for Obama in 2008, and which we haven't realistically competed for in decades, technically are now swing states - at least for this vital election - where not only will Obama have to spend money and resources defending, but we can actually win.

As a longtime Romney supporter and someone absolutely committed to defeating Obama, I'm actually excited right now..... Someone, please I'm begging you, pinch me to make sure I'm not dreaming this.

What say you?

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