Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It  Is  Absolutely  Clear  The  White House Is
           Doing   Good  Mediocre   Fine

If there was ever a time in the last three and one half years
when the golfer-in-chief actually needed a vacation, it is
this month.

Let's talk about all the things that are going well for him:


Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program.  That
Eric (Aim High Boys, They're riding Clydesdales) Holder
should be fired, then jailed, is a given.  This week he is
confident of his own confidence, next week he'll be taking
the Fifth, which is apparently all he knows of the Constitution
he has lied to uphold.

The Supreme Court probably has the denial done for the
unlawful, unconstitutional, un-common sense piece of
horse puckey Barry Soetoro broke who knows how many
laws to get passed.  That slap in the grinning chops to Barry
should come in the next four to six weeks, possibly while
Barry is snubbing the Kennedys, what is left of them, on
Marty's Vineyard. (with Michelle in Aspen, Spain or Reno.)

Barry and the other composite idiots seemingly cannot open
their big mouths on the campaign trail without looking like
Phyllis Diller unplugged.

The only thing Barry is good at lately is raising cash.

I know, how about he resigns the White House and just goes
on a "Pay Down The Five Trillion I Borrowed" cash raising
campaign.  All funds to the debt, of course.

Meanwhile, the "news" media, and I use the term loosely,
keeps bringing up the perhaps-ness of "what if there were
no election in November?"  Oh no, couldn't happen, oh no,
the people wouldn't stand for it;  oh boy -- what if it is a tie?
1876 and 2000 deja vu all over again.  Where is George
Armstrong Custer when you need him?

Next we'll see a help wanted ad on Craig's List:

           Wanted, several thousend goons; must
           self motivated, honest, hard working;
           like to intimidate voters, must be able to
           read  make signs and spel;  experience with
           and other fruits and nuts is a good thing;
           jail time no problem;  no ID -- no problem -- must
           be available furst weak en  november,
           kall eric holder or axelrod as soone  as
           possible,  use white Hose phone number.

Like Sonny and Cher used to say, "and the beat goes on."

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