Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Allen Wins Virginia GOP Senate Primary

Former U.S. Senator George Allen was never really in danger of not clinching the Republican nomination to run for his old senate seat against former Democratic Governor and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, but I don't think too many people expected him to win the primary by so much:

George Allen: 172,721 - 66.2%
Jamie Radtke: 58,929 - 22.6%
Bob Marshall: 17,272 - 6.6%
E.W. Jackson: 12,061 - 4.6%

With a significant two-thirds of the vote victory in the bag, Allen can now turn his full attention to defeating the former stooge of Barack Obama in November, and return this seat, which he lost in 2006 when leftists embroiled him in a politically incorrect scandal over the word "macaca," back into the Republican column.

What say you?

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