Saturday, May 05, 2012

Secret Punishment for the Secret Service

By John Brentlinger

By now we have all heard about the fandango in Cartagena with the prostitutas, well, most
of us have heard some of it. No big news there...yet...none of them have written a book.

However it looks like there is some punishment yet to be meted out. In this case, should the
punishment fit the crime, here is how it should go: everyone, thats right, everyone of those
hard working; put your life on the line for the guy calling himself by some honorific title he
has no constitutional right to; career agents; should be re-hired, with back pay.

And with a sizable bonus for the indignities proffered by an un-deserving White House,
I hasten to add. The hypocrisy emanating from this White House is astounding.....What?
Spending an evening with prostitutas? Say it ain't so! Lets have a full inquiry to see how
far this really goes. Has it happened before? Call a Congressional hearing, put Barney Frank
and his like-minded, uhh, government uhh,office holders in charge of getting to the
bottom of this. And if this is a "cover-up," maybe we could include some testimony
from the now locked up and hushed up and very serious threat to Barry and Rahm, Rod Blagojevich?

Why, this sort of thing can't happen around Barry, what is the world coming to? Why, he could have been compromised. Seriously?

That's a laugh. This could make the White House look bad. Again, seriously? What could possibly happen to make this impostor look any worse?

Firstly and lastly, I am willing to bet a sack of quarters that, uhh, lets see, that this
is not the first time anyone in government ever sacked up with a strumpet, prostituta, hoer,
randi, pokpok or hure. And probably not the first time anyone in the Secret Service was guilty of a similar tryst. Maybe some presidents have even been guilty, just sayin'. Oh my,
that can't be true, perish the evil thought. Just seems kind of hypocritical to fire worker
bees for what royalty gets away with, don't it?

Anyway, here is the punishment, and it will last probably about thirty-some years, give or take,
depending on Barry's lifestyle choices: take the "guilty" ones, and put them on the Barry watch, after he loses by a landslide in November, that is, if he lets the thing go to a vote. Let them be the ones that must follow him everywhere, drive him everywhere, (that will be book material) make sure he is protected 24/7 for the rest of his life, that should be punishment enough.

Or, in the alternative, give them a really horrible job, make them protect, with their lives, the ex- first lady.

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