Friday, January 20, 2012

Sign the Keystone Pipeline Petition

This comes to us via our friends at Resourceful Earth News:
Resourceful Earth is going to take the fight to the President. We will make him hear loud and clear that the American people want jobs and reliable energy now.You can sign the petition at the links below and use these sample posts to share with your networks:
  • [FACEBOOK] Sign the petition! Urge the Obama Administration to approve the Keystone XL pipeline by the February 21 deadline.
  • [TWITTER] Sign the petition: Urge #Obama to approve the #KeystoneXL pipeline by the February 21 deadline! #YesKXL
Please pass this information and petition links on to your readers, friends, family and colleagues.Over 78 percent of Americans want this project to go forward. Please do what you can to make sure the President knows how strongly we feel about American jobs and energy independence!

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