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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chernobyl: Silent Film

Special thanks to Maggie's Farm....

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Islamists Bomb Church in Egypt

As chaos grips the country of Egypt, it is becoming more and more apparent that nothing is safe in the ailing country.  With clear disregard and indiscriminate hatred, apparent Muslim terrorists set off a bomb in a Church in Northern Egypt.

The "Holy Family Church" in Rafah is on the border of the Gaza Strip.  According to sources, the Church was likely empty at the time the attack took place.  However, the building was badly damaged and the assailants had stolen a cross from the inside.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

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John Kerry Angling for Secretary of State

 Massachusetts Senator John Kerry pushed very hard to become Secretary of State during the beginning of Obama's term. Instead, the President chose Hillary Clinton. Now Kerry's at it again.

For months, there has been speculation that Kerry will get the job he wants in an Obama second term. Clinton said publicly that she is not committed to the position beyond 2012. She also tamped down speculation that she wants to move to the Pentagon as secretary of defense.

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Video: Ryan Mauro on FoxNews

 Ryan Mauro, who founded World Threats, our sister site, was featured on Fox and Friends this morning to talk about the situation in Egypt and the wider Middle East:

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Report: Muslim Brotherhood Loves Michael Moore

Michael Moore is a liberal hack who has skewed the truth and has flat-out lied in order to profit off of a system he says is corrupt.  However, he has gained support from many liberals and left-wingers.  One more fan: the Muslim Brotherhood.

A self-proclaimed "progressive," Moore's championing of pro-Islamic and anti-Christian causes has made him a favorite of the Brotherhood, a radical political party that is currently banned in Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood has reprinted several articles of Moore's in their entirety, one as recent as this past October.  Most of the time, the organization cherry picks quotes in order to bias their stories towards their point of view.  However, the articles posted on the Brotherhood's website, Moore's letters are re-produced word for word.
A Picture Used by the Muslim Brotherhood to Represent Moore
These posts include If Only NPR Had Fired Juan Williams for the Right ReasonsIf the 'Mosque' Isn't Built, This Is No Longer America, and An Open Letter to President Obama from Michael Moore.

The Muslim Brotherhood also quotes Moore in several articles as a well-regarded source.  In the article Michael Moore: Woodward Book Reveals That Civilian Control of the Military Is a Joke, the entire basis for the article is a statement by Moore about the U.S. military.

In another article supporting WikiLeaks entitled Rallies Defending the Right to Know – Free Thinkers and WikiLeaks, the MB support Moore.  The article states:
But the protestors are not the only ones supporting freedom of expression. Noam Chomsky, Julian Assange and Michael Moore, who is famous for raising awareness of government and corporate corruption, all believe in freedom of expression and they are willing to do something about it. They all support WikiLeaks.
Possibly the oddest article on the Muslim Brotherhood's website, however, is America needs 'Moore' Democracy.  In the article, the Brotherhood calls for a democracy in America closer to the one that Michael Moore envisions.

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Nouri Al-Maliki Won't Seek Re-Election in 2014.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has announced that he will not seek a third term in office when the upcoming 2014 National elections are held. This comes in the immediate aftermath of demonstrations that have claimed government's in Egypt and Tunisia over the past two weeks. It appears al-Maliki is attemtping to get ahead of similar demonstrations in Iraq.
Al-Maliki, who was elected Prime Minister in 2006 after confidence failed in Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and re-elected in last year's election that was in stalemate for 10 months, has been a friend of the United States since the beginning of the War and was forced to flee Iraq in 1979 for two decades when his ties to the outlawed Islamic Dawa Party were discovered. We can definitely agree that he is an Iraqi Patriot.

This news is definitely disheartening, but we have no choice in the matter.

Iraq would be smart to follow al-Maliki's example and limit all Presidents, and Prime Minister's to two four-year terms. That way neither Islamist, nor Tribal separatists can accuse anyone of "dictatorship", while Iraq's young democracy would be set in stone - such as America's Republic is.

Any thoughts?

Egypt VP Nearly Assassinated, Two Bodyguards Killed

Sources have confirmed that exactly one week ago, on January 29, Omar Suleiman was the target of a failed assassination attempt.  The attack on his motorcade killed two of his guards.
More from Fox News:

A failed assassination attempt on Egypt's vice president in recent days left two of his bodyguards dead, sources tell Fox News. 
Such an attempt on the life of Omar Suleiman would mark an alarming turn in the uprising against the government of President Hosni Mubarak, who only recently named Suleiman as vice president in an effort to quell the unrest and possibly line up a successor. 
A senior Obama administration official confirmed that the attack happened soon after Suleiman was appointed, on Jan. 29. The official described it as an organized attack on Suleiman's motorcade. 
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs declined to address the assassination reports when asked earlier by Fox News. 
"I'm not going to ... get into that question," Gibbs said.

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Terrorists Blow Up Egypt Gas Pipeline

In an action called for by Islamic groups and extremists, an Egyptian gas pipeline was blown up early this morning.  The attack hurts not only the Egyptian economy, but supplies of resources in Israel and the flow of energy in other countries in the region.

This attack is not dissimilar to calls that the Muslim Brotherhood had made to stop all Egyptian supplies to the West.  It is very possible that someone influenced by the Brotherhood, or even a member, carried out the attack.

Reuters continues:

State television quoted an official on Saturday as saying that the "situation is very dangerous and explosions were continuing from one spot to another" along the pipeline. 
"It is a big terrorist operation", a state TV reporter said. 
A security source in North Sinai said "foreign elements" targeted the branch of the pipe that supplies Jordan. 
A security source said the Egyptian army closed the main source of gas supplying the pipeline and were trying to control the fires. Television footage on Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya showed a tower of flames at the scene of the blast. 
Israel Radio said, quoting sources in the consortium overseeing imports, the blast did not target supplies to Israel but they had been halted as a precaution.

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Mubarak Resigns from Ruling Party, Yet Retains Power

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has resigned from Egypt's ruling party.  However, Mubarak will remain as the leader of Egypt.

More from CBS:

His son, Gamal Mubarak, and the National Democratic Party's secretary-general, Safwat el-Sharif, have also resigned from the party, in a new gesture to protesters carrying out a 12-day-old wave of anti-government demonstrations.
State TV said the ruling party's six-member Steering Committee of the General Secretariat stepped down and was replaced. The council was the party's highest decision-making body, and el-Sharif and other outgoing members were some of the most powerful (and to many Egyptians, unpopular) political figures in the regime.
El-Sharif was replaced by Hossam Badrawi, member of the liberal wing of the party who had been sidelined within the NDP ranks in recent years because of his sharp criticisms of some policies. 
This comes as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking today at an international security conference in Munich, signaled that U.S. support has swung behind a transition headed by the recently-named vice president, Omar Suleiman.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Best Commercial of Superbowl XLV

Happy Birthday Mr. President

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Economy Adds Only 36k Jobs

The US economy added less jobs than expected but the unemployment rate dropped to only 9.0 percent.
Friday’s jobs report offered a conflicting picture of the nation’s hiring landscape. Unemployment fell because the Labor Department's household survey determined that more than a half-million people without jobs found work. The department conducts a separate survey of businesses, which showed tepid job creation. The two surveys sometimes diverge.
Analysts said severe winter weather likely reduced the number of jobs created in January. Harsh snowstorms last month cut into weather-prone industries like construction, which saw employment fall by 32,000, the most since May. Transportation and warehousing also fell by 38,000 — the most in a year.

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What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun

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3 Fights, 1 Goal, 35 Seconds...

I'm not a hockey fan per se, but maybe I should be!

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Birds of a Feather......

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A Sneak Peek at Some Super Bowl Commercials

Do you like the Super Bowl?  Of course you do!  Do you like some of the Super Bowl commercials?  Of course you do!  Would you like to see some sneak peeks?  Of course you would!





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Muslim Brotherhood: We Want no Part in Interim Egypt Gov't

The Muslim Brotherhood, one of the major powers influencing the protests in Egypt for the last two weeks, now says that it has "no intentions" of being a part of the "interim government" in Egypt.  This statement clearly shows that the Muslim Brotherhood believes that the government will indeed fall soon.

Likely intentionally, the Muslim Brotherhood consistently said "interim" government, implying that they will indeed try to make a move on governmental power when a set government is established.  They could be doing this to pretend that their actions in causing unrest are not for power, but for ideals.

Oddly, the statement, which appears on the Muslim Brotherhood's main website, has the title "MB: We have no intentions of nominating members for presidency or interim gov’t."  Its sub-headline is a seemingly non-sequester, "The Muslim Brotherhood has stated in its recent statement that it does not and will not accept any efforts of intimidation against any Egyptians."

As the article continues, the Muslim Brotherhood is careful to always say "interim" in their promises not to gain power.  For example:
Referring to the February 3 climaxing of events the group stresses that they have no intentions in nominating any of its members to run for the presidency nor do they intend to be part of a possible interim government.
Obviously, they can then turn around and say they want power in the actual government.

The article continues later:
The MB asserts that it considers the regime’s legitimacy as invalid and confirms that it will not engage in any dialogue until Mubarak leaves stressing that the masses have tolerated decades of corruption, electoral fraud and fixed dictatorial policies.

The MB will continue to call for the constitutional rights of men, women, Muslims and Christians alike calling for a civil state based on Islamic democracy...
We shall see.

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The Great Civil Debate

It is admitted by all except the liberal media and left-wing ideologues jockeying for political and partisan advantage, neither the tenor nor the content of our public discourse had any bearing upon the tragedy in Tucson.  Nevertheless there have been calls for a return to civility in our speech.  I heartily second that motion, believing as I do that civility should always be the hallmark of discussion among ladies and gentleman.  However, that is not the topic of this discourse.
I seek to call my fellow Americans not to a more civil debate but to The Great Civil Debate.  This is the debate we need if we’re to move beyond the gridlock of right versus left, the vitriol of Democrat versus Republican, and the hysteria of a coming conservative authoritarianism or a looming socialist one.  The debate I’m calling for is not an innovation in American History.  Instead it’s a re-play of a previous event and the sequel to our preliminary event: the debate over the ratification of the Constitution.  What we need now is a debate over the relevance of the Constitution with regard to the actions of the Federal Government. 
From the day the Constitution was signed, September 17, 1787 to the day it was ratified June 21, 1788, this country rang with the impassioned speeches and stirring essays of both the opponents and the proponents of this our founding document.  Today is the day and now is the time for the debate to once again stir the hearts of the nation, will we have a limited government, personal liberty and free enterprise or are we going to have something else?  There’s no greater admirer of the United States Constitution then the author of this article.  None can be found who gives more veneration to the Framers or who pays more attention to its words.
However, after 222 years there’s no one more convinced that we’ve reached an historical impasse.  The Constitution is still in force.  It has been amended twenty seven times, but it has not been supplanted.  Yet, it’s all but ignored by the Federal Government.  Our continually expanding federal bureaucracy tips its hat to the commerce clause or uses the elastic necessary and proper clause as a political fig leaf to do whatever they want.  This being the current situation this article is in fact an intervention.  It’s well known that until a problem is recognized there’s no hope for a solution.  Therefore, since every other commentator I’m aware of dances around the 800 pound gorilla in the middle of the room, I’ll acknowledge the obvious and take the afore-mentioned primate as my dancing partner and say what must be said: the Constitution has failed.
This is not to say that it is a flawed document, a vehicle for ulterior motives, or that it has always been a failure.  This is not to say that I’m offering or advocating for a replacement.  As I mentioned earlier, there is no greater admirer of the United States Constitution then the author of this article.  What I do mean to say is that this great document which birthed and sustained a limited government for more than two hundred years has now become effectively irrelevant.
The proof for this sad statement can be seen in the unguarded rhetoric of the movers and shakers of our now unlimited government.  When asked where in the Constitution a warrant for mandated health care could be found one congressman answers, “I don’t worry about the Constitution.”  Another congressman  says, “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says that the federal government has anything to do with most of the stuff we do. It means what we say it means.”  When asked a question about the constitutionality of health care legislation former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s response is, “Are you serious?” 
And we have a President who writes that the Constitution is not “…static but rather a living document, and must be read in the context of an ever-changing world.”  No wonder a liberal pundit finds it odd that a candidate for Congress would promise to consider the constitutionality of legislation saying, “that certainly isn’t the job of Congress. They should just pass whatever they want and let the courts worry about it later.”  These examples are joined by volumes of others, which show that not only is the Constitution irrelevant to these leaders it has become so accepted as irrelevant that they no longer even have to pay lip service to the integrity of the document they’ve sworn to uphold and defend.
We need a reset button.  We need to return to limited government.  But how do we get there from here?  The Tenth Amendment which says, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” has been emasculated through court rulings.  The legal system has moved from original intent to precedent.  From what the words mean to what can we say the words mean.  This tsunami of change is led by the Progressives who believe that we need to evolve past the ideas and procedures devised and set down by the Framers and create a New America. A transformed America founded not on the equality of opportunity but on the equality of outcome.  These big government leaders in both parties seek not mere equal justice for all but social justice, not free enterprise but central planning.
This intervention sadly begins with the assessment based upon the current reality that the Constitution has failed.  However, it ends on a note of hope.  We’re the descendants of the Pioneers, the offspring of the Framers, and we can do this.  We can find a way within the legal framework of the Constitution itself to press that reset button.  We can solve this problem, because we’re Americans and we’re a can-do, get-it-done people.  But if we refuse to admit there’s a problem we’ll be doomed to suffer silently in the shadows as our beloved city on the hill becomes a lost dream in the twilight of freedom.  Instead let’s start The Great Civil Debate. How can we restore limited government, ensure liberty and revitalize free enterprise?  How can we get there from here?  Keep the faith.  Keep the peace.  We shall overcome.
Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the author of the History of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com View the trailer for Dr. Owens’ latest book @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ypkoS0gGn8 © 2011 Robert R. Owens dr.owens@comcast.net  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood Website: Support Palestinian 'Resistance,' Hike Price of Oil to West

 For those who say that the Muslim Brotherhood is not an extremist group, their own website appears to suggest otherwise. The Brotherhood is the largest opposition group in Egypt and is perhaps most famous for its 1981 conspiracy that murdered Egyptian President Anwar Sadat for creating peace with Israel two years earlier. A former member of the Brotherhood was Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the second-in-command of al Qaeda. The radical group Egyptian Islamic Jihad is an offshoot of the Brotherhood and was formerly commanded by Zawahiri.

The Brotherhood's formal stance is that it has renounced violence. However, its inclinations appear to be the opposite. Protesters, probably affiliated in the group, were reported to be shouting "jihad" in the streets of Cairo yesterday.

The group wants a share of power in any new Egyptian government. It has been in talks with Vice President Omar Suleiman and demand key ministries. If the Mubarak dictatorship is overthrown and the army does not step in the Brotherhood will be the best-equipped and organized group to form a new regime.

According to the Muslim Brotherhood website, Ikhanweb, the organization lays down some key demands. Some are for changes to the Egyptian constitution. Most distressing are its calls for the cancellation of the peace treaty and all relations with the 'Zionist state.'

Fifth: immediately reviewing the Egyptian foreign policy, especially regarding the Zionists and the need to cut ties with them and support the Palestinian resistance as well as the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
 Supporting the Palestinian resistance? Considering the organization's ties with groups like Hamas it appears likely that a new Egyptian government under their command would likely open the spigot for funding for terrorist groups.

The new regime would also 'review' the sending of oil to Western nations if they support Israel:

3 – stopping the pumping of oil and gas to the Zionists and to review the prices and export it to other countries.
This is beginning to sound more and more like 1979 every day.

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ABC Reporter Threatened with Beheading

ABC reporter Brian Hartman was carjacked in Egypt today and threatened with beheading.  In a country that is dissolving into chaos, journalists are not exempt.

ABC continues its report on the threat:
A group of angry Egyptian men carjacked an ABC News crew and threatened to behead them today in the latest and most menacing attack on foreign reporters trying to cover the anti-government uprising.

Producer Brian Hartman, cameraman Akram Abi-hanna and two other ABC News employees were surrounded on a crowded road that leads from Cairo's airport to the city's downtown area.

While ABC News and other press agencies had been taking precautions to avoid volatile situations, the road to the airport had been a secure route until today. One of their two vehicles was carrying cameras and transmission equipment strapped to the roof, indicating they were foreign journalists.

Hartman says it was only through the appeal of Abi-hanna, who is Lebanese and a veteran ABC cameraman, that they were saved from being killed or severely beaten.

"We thought we were goners," Hartman said later. "We absolutely thought we were doomed."  
Just yesterday, CNN's Anderson Cooper and his crew were surrounded and beaten in the streets of Egypt.  Cooper was videotaping at the time and was "punched in the head."  He was able to escape by getting into a news-van.

Earlier today, the United States warned citizens that they should leave Egypt no sooner than today, with violence on the rise.  Speculation believes that Americans and other foreigners may not even be able to leave Egypt in the near future, as martial law may be declared or airports and airplanes could be targets of rioters.

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New Pundit Press Feature: E-mails to the Editor

Excellent news!

Pundit Press is introducing a new feature for our readers: E-mails to the Editor. Once a week, or whenever we receive ten or more letters from readers of Pundit Press on issues discussed on the blog itself, I will publish a special E-Mails to the Editor mailbag.

This is your chance to opine on the issues of the day on one of America's fastest growing blogs in 500 words of less.

So what do you have to do?

E-mail me at aaaabraves@yahoo.com with the subject "Editor," and include your thoughts on a topic we have recently discussed or written about on the blog. All that is needed is your name and your state of residence to apply.

Fire away!

Egypt VP Snubs Obama in Interview, 'Open' to Talks with Muslim Brotherhood

 Recently appointed Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman has told state-run television that other countries should stay out of Egypt's unrest. The former general was very clear that Mubarak was not going anywhere, while making some small concessions. It is also notable that Suleiman would not rule out running for President in planned elections in September.

Suleiman attempted to play to both the nationalist and pro-government sides in his interview, stating seemingly contradictory claims. This has been reported by BBC. He said that it is unlikely for Hosni Mubarak's son Gamal to run for the Presidency. He also called upon protesters to be "punished" and blamed them for economic troubles:

Another headline from Vice-President Suleiman's state TV interview: he says the country has lost "at least $1bn" in tourism revenue and one million tourists have left during the turmoil.
Suleiman did, however, welcome talks with the main opposition force in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has significant ties with other terrorist groups in the region and has called for war with Israel.

State TV quotes Vice-President Omar Suleiman as saying the Muslim Brotherhood have been invited for talks with the new government. The brotherhood is the biggest opposition group, but was outlawed by Mr Mubarak's government.
Suleiman also delivered a backhanded slap at the White House and European nations that called for Mubarak to step down.  It appears that he was stating what Mubarak wanted said but did not in his last speech:

More from Vice-President Suleiman's interview with state TV: "Intervention in our internal affairs is strange, unacceptable and we will not allow it."
 This is just another indication that Mubarak plans to stay in power, at least for the time being. Suleiman may be grooming himself to be the next strongman of the country come September.

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Video: Police Van Running Down Protesters in Egypt

 Video has surfaced of a police van running down protesters on the streets of Cairo. Below we have the footage, straight from Egypt:

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Plurality in Florida Believe Obama Does Not Deserve Re-Election

 Barack Obama won Florida by less than three points in 2008 in the middle of a very Democrat-favorable year. His narrow defeat of John McCain there put his reelection chances in some doubt as the state is set to gain electoral votes before the 2012 race. The bad news for the White House is that it appears that they have some groundwork to get to if they want to win the state again.

A poll done by Quinnipiac shows that President Obama does not exactly start on favorable ground. This comes just three months after Republican Marco Rubio was elected to the Senate and a GOP governor was selected by the state.

Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,160 registered voters with a sampling error of plus or minus 2.9 percentage points.
First, his approval ratings:

Approve: 47%
Disapprove: 49%
Other/und: 4%

And it does not get better from there. Faith in Obama for another term has slid as well:

Does deserve re-election: 45%
Does not: 48%
Other/und: 7%

And if he is placed against an unnamed Republican opponent, he is losing:

Barack Obama: 40%
Generic Republican: 42%
Other/und: 18%

If you take a look at the differences in the electorate, you can tell that there has been a conservative shift in the state. Many who voted for Obama in 2008 appear unwilling to do so again, especially after the 2010 midterm elections.

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Vote in Our Poll: What Will Happen in Egypt?

 With the situation in Egypt growing more tenuous by the hour, it looks like a peaceful outcome is becoming less and less likely. Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak is holed up in the resort city of Sharm-el-Sheik while his supporters and opponents clash on the streets of Cairo. Massive protests are planned for tomorrow while some anti-Mubarak demonstrators were reported as shouting for "jihad."

What do you believe will happen?

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Progressives Call For Not So High-tech Lynching of Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas first described it as a "high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves." Little did he know that our progressive betters haven't modernized as much as he gives them credit for. And you thought the TEA party was racist?

Seems for the new democratic party that old habits are die hard and their true colors come to the forefront when an opportunity presents itself. Listen closely and you will hear calls for Justice Thomas to be "put back into the fields", "string him up" and "hang him".

I wonder, are any of these people sober?

H/T~The Lonely Conservative

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ObamaCare repeal fails in Senate.

Senator Mitch McConnell's amendment to repeal ObamaCare failed 47-51 last night. Every Republican voted proudly to repeal the unpopular, and probably unconstitutional law, while the entire Democrat caucus remained firm against repeal. Not even Joe Manchin, Ben Nelson, or James Webb voted for repeal.

What does this mean?

One. Senator Harry Reid does not have complete control over the Senate. If we really need to pass something that would receive fifty-one, or fifty-two votes on amendment, Mitch McConnell could get it done. This will be vital in the future.

Two. Senate Republicans continue to be united against ObamaCare. Even Lisa Murkowski, who believed it would be a waste of time, was fully engaged in this vote. Our ranks are very strong in both Houses of Congress, which is excellent news for both the Republican base and the Tea Party movement.

Three. Senate Democrats did not wake up on election day. Obviously, losing six seats due to health care reform, and probably the entire United States Senate in November of next year, has not effected Senate Democrats at all - Not even one of the 23 members up for election in 2012 bucked their leadership.

ObamaCare will have to be struck down by the Supreme Court if we want it removed before the next Republican White House and Senate. Sadly, rising health care premiums and an almost guaranteed judicial reversal of the law cannot interfere with the Democrat Party's pro-spending, pro-government agenda at this time.

What say you?

Obama's Nanny-Staters pushing for Criminalization of Seat Belt non-usage

Don't Wear your Seat Belt - Go to Jail

by Eric Dondero

It's happening all over the country, all of a sudden. No doubt a result of ObamaCare and the push to cut costs at the expense of individual freedom and choice.

Right now 18 States are hold-outs. Seat Belt non-usage is considered a misdemeanor punishable only by a small fine. But the Transportation Committee is making a concerted effort to get all 50 states to support full criminalization.

And in case you thought nobody goes to jail for not wearing a seat belt, check out this Q&A. Even though it may be a misdemeanor, if you fail to show up for your court appearance, or protest the law through civil disobedience, you can go to jail, in some states for up to 6 months.

In Maine, Democrats are pushing to make non-usage a criminal offense. But fortunately, a brave "libertarian" Republican Senator Ronald Collins of York, is standing in their way. (See LibertarianRepublican.net)

In Montana, a Democrat State Senator has just introduced criminalization legislation. But fortunately, Republicans won control of both the state house and senate in Helena last year. So, it's unlikely to get far. (See LR).

Opposition to seat belt laws is an easy issue for conservatives to show a libertarian streak. Libertarian Republicans understand that drug legalization, pornography and prostitution doesn't quite sit well with our conservative bretheren. But seat belt laws? That's a no-brainer for all self-described advocates of limited government and individual freedom.

Why not take a moment to call your state legislator and ask them to oppose any effort to impose criminal penalties for non-usage of seat belts. If you happen to live in a state where it is already a primary offense, urge him or her to repeal that law, and bring it back down to a misdeamenor.

Americans should not have to go to jail for choosing how to best drive their vehicles safely, most especially if they are not harming or endangering the lives and safety of others.

Eric Dondero is editor and publisher of LibertarianRepublican.net. A US Navy Veteran, he is a former Senior Staffer for US Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, fmr. Libertarian National Committee mbr. and Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood: "One Man's Terrorist is Another Man's Freedom Fighter," Jews Carried out 9/11

Continuing to show that they are a radical group bent on the destruction of Israel, past and present articles across the Muslim Brotherhood's website's archives show not only a psychological want to kill Israelis and Jews, but that it it also supports terrorism in no unclear terms.

For days since the protests in Egypt started, many reporters, mainly of the liberal variety, have down-played the role of the Muslim Brotherhood.  They have stated that they are not a large group and that they are moderates.  They are not.

First things first: the Muslim Brotherhood believes that Israel is behind the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  Ignoring an unbelievable amount of evidence that shows unequivocally that they are wrong, several articles tie Israelis to September 11, 2001.

For example, their article Who’s afraid of 9/11 conspiracy theories? starts:
Whenever someone insists too strongly about something not being true, we tend to suspect that maybe it is. In their denials of involvement in 9/11, do Israel’s apologists “protest too much”?
While it would take a small book to adequately document the Israeli connection to 9/11. 
The article then goes on to list a number of erroneous facts and lies tying "the Jews" to the terrorist attacks.  Then there is the article Myth-Debunking Snopes Obscures Israel's Role in 9/11, which, as you can probably guess, blames Israel in large part for the attacks.

And then there's the article which says that Muslims are the ones who are the victims of terrorism, and that 9/11 was simply an excuse for Israel and the United States to do...something:
The fact is that the intensive racist campaign since 9/11, 2001 has targeted Islam and Muslims. If measuring events by their outcomes is the right way, it can be said that 9/11 aimed in principle at finding an excuse for waging a war on Muslims and covering up all the crimes committed by the Zionist and racist Israeli troops in Palestine, like Judaization, expulsion, killing, imprisoning, torture and displacement.
But some liberals might say, "just because the Muslim Brotherhood blames Israel for 9/11 it doesn't mean they support terrorism."  Wrong.

The Muslim Brotherhood's war-mongering against Israel already speaks for itself.  However, an old article illuminates their feelings even better.  Trying to somehow skew the line between what a terrorist is, the article alludes to the United States and Israel being terrorist states.

But worst of all are two statements.  First their statement that, "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."  Second, asking if the Pentagon on 9/11 was really terrorism, since it is a "military" target, utterly ignoring that hundreds of civilians were killed in the attack.

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Anti-Mubarak Protesters Scream for "Jihad" While Attacking other Egyptians

Out of a week of chaos in Egypt comes the bloodiest day yet.  Early Thursday morning, the military and anti-Mubarak protesters clashed while small groups of people opened fire on others.  The causality toll is quickly rising, as news stations show live streaming video of people being literally lit on fire and others being lynched in front of the camera.

Just as chilling is the fact that hundreds if not thousands of anti-Mubarak protesters have been screaming for "jihad" as they beat other Egyptians, possibly to death.

In Tehrir square in Cairo, many protesters were charging and screaming at supporters of Mubarak, calling for their death and a "jihad" against Mubarak and anyone who even seems to be supporting him.  This is most likely because of the radical Islamic group "Muslim Brotherhood," which is one of the major players striving for power in Egypt.

Ghannem stated that gas flowing from Egypt to Israel should stop immediately, “in order to bring about the downfall of the Mubarak regime.”  Once again, this would hurt the Mubarak regime and would also hurt the Israeli economy in the process.This comes hot on the heels of upper Muslim Brotherhood officials calling for a war against Israel and the closure of the Suez Canal:
However, Ghannem's most provocative statements came about war with Israel.  Talking about what the Muslim Brotherhood is prepared to do, Ghannem stated that “the people should be prepared for war against Israel.”  This implies that a war with Israel could be inevitable if the group takes substantial power in Egypt.
This also comes after much of the Main Stream Media, particularly MSNBC, said the Muslim Brotherhood had "no" or "almost no" influence in Egypt.  "Analysts" on the station also stated that conservatives were intentionally inflating the Muslim Brotherhood's influence in the country.

Even in this early morning, fires are burning much of Cairo, including a museum of ancient history.  Anti and pro-Mubarak supporters are attacking one another, while the military is shooting rounds (mostly into the air) to try and regain control and order.
CNN Breaking the News (After we Reported it)
Further making the situation tense is the fact that Jordan warned that, should Mubarak be kicked out of power, their peace treaty with Israel would likely end.  It has been one of the Muslim Brotherhood's major platforms to "prepare Egypt for war" with Israel.

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Jordan: Peace Treaty with Israel in Doubt if Egypt Falls

According to the BBC it appears that the Jordanian government's concern over Egypt goes beyond the immediate protests. This week Jordan's King Adbullah fired his government and replaced it, including the Prime Minister.

Now if Egypt's 32 year peace agreement with Israel lapses with the collapse of dictator Hosni Mubarak's government, Jordan may have to reconsider its role. Jordan is the other Arab state in the region that has an official peace treaty with the Jewish state. King Abdullah has had very friendly relations with Israel and the United States and has backed peace accords with the Palestinians.

However, it appears that this may change.
The BBC's Matthew Price says that from Israel's perspective it has signed two important peace treaties in the region - one with Egypt and one with Jordan. A senior Jordanian official has told him that if Egypt slides into chaos, its 32-year-old peace treaty with Israel might not last long - and that would put Jordan under immense pressure to look again at its own peace treaty. Both Israel and Jordan are watching nervously what happens in Egypt.
This is incredibly tenuous. If Jordan and Egypt renege on their peace agreements it could spark another massive war in the Middle East. Israel faced off against Egypt in 1948, 1956, 1968, and 1973. Egypt's military is also armed with American weapons, including M1A1 tanks and F-16s.

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President Barack O'Carter or was that President Jimmy Obama? Either way, this is the picture of the day.

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Huntsman for President?

In a Republican Presidential field that lacks both foreign policy and military experience, one man could fill the void in next year's fight for the nomination.

That man is Jon Huntsman Jr.

The former Ambassador to Singapore, former Governor of Utah (twice elected), and the current Ambassador to China (for a few more months) is in a unique position to claim foreign policy as an advantage to a potential campaign. Especially since none of the other GOP candidates have any.

Labeled a Centrist Republican, due to his support for civil unions and a regional carbon exchange during his four years as Governor, Huntsman is as Conservative as most of his potential primary opponents. He's a fiscal conservative in his own right, as well as a social conservative on abortion, and on traditional marriage.

But with the National Defense community feeling left behind in 2012, they could rally behind the one man who will represent them in the nomination fight like none other. And that won't be Palin or Romney. It will be Jon Huntsman, the only candidate that can effectively deal with both China and the national debt.

And that community, along with the Mormon voting bloc, could give Huntsman his needed base of support in 2012. Something that a potential Huntsman 2012 campaign has lacked thus far.

2012 Campaign Stop - Israel.

We all know that campaigning in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina are a definite for any serious 2012 Republican contenders. However, with the aforementioned battleground states still eleven months away from casting their first ballots, another important State has received quite a few Presidential aspirants in the last month.

Mitt Romney visited early last month. Mike Huckabee visited last weekend. And Haley Barbour will be visiting the State later this month. All three will have met with the most powerful person within the State, an avowed opponent of President Obama, and will use the meeting as reason to be trusted on foreign policy issues.

The State in question?

Israel; The Jewish State.

I know, I know. Liberals will complain and whine about Conservatives putting "Israel first", but with our strongest ally facing the horrific threat of enemies along their entire border, and with a Democrat in the White House who never sides with Israel: 2012 Republicans would be foolish to ignore the diplomatic and political importance of gaining Israel's confidence early.

The truth is this: American and Israeli interests are intertwined. Both countries are for freedom, are for democracy, are for Secular leadership in the Arab world, and are for a greater connection between the only two nation's in the world founded on Judeo-Christian values. And if we want to win the White House in 2012 than we better be prepared to lead on day one in 2013.

Leading on day one includes rebuilding our government's fractured relationship with the Israeli's government, and the Israeli's Prime Minister. And Republicans should lead the rebuilding, so we can honestly promise the American electorate that our allies will no longer be disrespected in our Administration, and that our Nation will no longer endanger our beloved friends in a time of War, and of revolution in the Arab world.

What say you?

Bloody Battles Break Out in Cairo, Military Beginning to Move on Protesters

As the protests in Cairo grow, the violence and chaos seem to grow as well.  Today, thousands of pro-Mubarak protesters descended on large groups of anti-government protesters.  What followed was an amount of bloodshed not yet seen in Egypt.

Dozens have died, over a thousand have been injured and both totals are rising as time goes on.  The curfew that has been in effect for the last week in Cairo is being largely ignored once again, but tonight the military is advancing on some of the protesters.

In the last hour and a half, military tanks have gone through groups of protesters, trying to force them out of Tahrir Square.  Gun fire is heard every few seconds and Molotov cocktails are frequently being hurled into groups of people.
Tahrir Square
People are literally running though the streets after being set on fire.

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Live Coverage in Egypt Video Stream

As the protests in Cairo grow, the violence and chaos seem to grow as well.  Today, thousands of pro-Mubarak protesters descended on large groups of anti-government protesters.  What followed was an amount of bloodshed not yet seen in Egypt.

Dozens have died, over a thousand have been injured and both totals are rising as time goes on.  The curfew that has been in effect for the last week in Cairo is being largely ignored once again, but tonight the military is advancing on some of the protesters.

In the last hour and a half, military tanks have gone through groups of protesters.  Pundit Press has more.

However, if you wish to see live video of the clashes throughout Egypt, go here:

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Egyptian Museum Burning after being Hit with Molotov Cocktails

A museum in Cairo, Egypt is burning tonight after being lit on fire by Molotov cocktails.  If the fires are not put out, 1000s of years of history could be lost forever.

This comes as the chaos in Egypt has reached its highest ebb since protests began last week.  Today, pro-Mubarak and anti-government protesters clashed, with thousands being injured and dozens dying.

As I write, people are literally being killed on the streets of Cairo as Molotov cocktails and gun fire are being hurled into large crowds.

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School Administrator Shot in California, Suspect on Loose

Breaking:  A school administrator has been shot in California as sheriff deputies surround the suspected shooter's home in El Dorado.

The shooting took place nearly two hours ago.  The administrator was taken to the hospital after the suspect fled the scene.  The school was first placed on lockdown, then the students were evacuated to a near-by fairground.

It is not known were the suspect is at the moment.  However, California police have a suspect and they are surrounding his house currently.
The suspect in the shooting
No students were injured in the shooting.  The school released a statement that the students are safe now.

Update: Fox 40 has more on the event:

Tensions are rising between officers on scene and parents of kids at Schnell as information keeps changing about where the kids are, and will be going. Parents are telling FOX40 they did not receive a phone call from the school about Wednesday's shooting.
Officers have decided to bus children and faculty to the El Dorado Fairgrounds, like originally planned. Some authorities had said they were being sent to the Mountain- Democrat, but that is no longer the case.
Students at Sierra and Markham Schools will be released later this afternoon. All students are safe at this time. 
A command post is being set up on El Dorado Trail near the school. There will be a press conference at 2 p.m. with an update from authorities on what happened Wednesday morning.

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Nelson Trails Big in Nebraska

Nebraska Democratic Senator Ben Nelson has fallen well behind some potential Republican challengers, according to a new poll. Despite Nelson's strategy of portraying himself as a moderate, his vote on ObamaCare and the political bribe used to get it by the White House, has apparently backfired. Nelson has not announced his retirement, but looking at numbers like this is would appear more likely that he hangs it up.

This polling comes from Public Policy Polling, which generally has a small bias towards Democratic candidates. However, it is the only poll of this race to be released this early.

The poll places the incumbent Nelson against the current Republican Attorney General Jon Bruning and State Treasurer Don Stenberg. The results show that if Nelson wishes to win he has a lot of work to do.

Bruning: 50%
Nelson: 39%
Other/und: 11%

Stenberg: 45%
Nelson: 41%
Other/und: 14%

Nelson is able to lead some lesser-known Republicans in hypothetical matches:

He's up 42-35 on state Senator Deb Fischer and 42-33 against conservative activist Pat Flynn.

If Nelson wants to run in 2012 he had better start fundraising now. It doesn't look like he'll have another term.

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I love South Dakota.

With the legal fight over President Obama's individual mandate ongoing, even though such a mandate is unquestionably unconstitutional to anyone who has actually read the document, five South Dakota lawmakers have decided to use their newfound powers within the U.S. Constitution to mandate all residents in the state to purchase a firearm.
However, I must inform all who read this that the lawmakers are only proposing this law to make the point that the federal government has no right to mandate a citizen to purchase any product under the Constitution. Though, I am quite sure that most residents of South Dakota already have a firearm, or two.

Which is why I absolutely love it!

If the Constitution really does give government the right to mandate its citizen's to purchase a product, then the Obama Administration will be quick to side with South Dakota's heroic effort. Especially since Americans actually have the right to a firearm, and not a health insurance policy.

But sadly, that will never happen. Because the Supreme Court will eventually declare that President Obama's treasured "individual mandate" is absolutely unconstitutional, and that South Dakota lawmakers cannot in a million years mandate universal gun ownership. Hooray for self governance!! Hooray for liberty!!

What say you?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Governor Cuomo Introduces First Budget....

It would seem that all the powers that be are greatly displeased by the Governors budget proposal. If you are so inclined you can read the entire thing here. The displeasure being expressed at least gives me hope that Cuomo is serious about the fiscal crisis that is facing the state of New York.
For reactions to the budget feel free to start here. Much more here, here, and here.

N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Unveils Slash-and-Hack Budget: MyFoxNY.com

Highlights of the budget include no new taxes and....

— $132.9 billion total budget.

— Reduces overall government fund spending 2.7 percent including a loss of $6 billion in federal stimulus money.

— Cuts Medicaid $1 billion, or 2 percent, to $52.8 billion.

— Cuts public school aid $1.5 billion, or 7.3 percent, to $19.4 billion.

— Cuts $170 million in support for state and city senior colleges and $46 million in base aid to community colleges; extends reductions in tuition assistance awards for a second year.

— With no contracts in place for the coming year, promises to work with unions representing 94 percent of the state work force for future, ongoing savings.

— Proposes up to 9,800 state layoffs if negotiated savings aren't reached; Cuomo says he still wants a wage freeze for the year.

— Adds $340 million in "revenue enhancements," with better tax collections from more electronic filing, lottery adjustments and a surcharge on state racing purses.

— Limits growth in property tax exemption benefits in the STAR program, which result from declining property value, to 2 percent.

— Creates a task force to recommend prison closures; merges corrections and parole agencies and cuts six parole board positions; cuts budget $237 million to $2.76 billion.

— Proposes more preventive local services for juvenile justice programs and reducing detention facilities.

— Cuts State Police budget $60 million to $647 million.

— Cuts environmental and energy program spending 6.5 percent, with $1 billion for the Department of Environmental Conservation, $209 million for the Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation and $134 million for programs supported by the Environmental Protection Fund.

— Cuts aid to cities, towns and villages by 2 percent, with an estimated $301 million savings from no payment to New York City for the second straight year.

— Cuts aid to mental health agencies by $227 million to $8.2 billion.

— Merges banking, insurance and consumer protection agencies into a new Department of Financial Regulation.

— Cuts spending for economic development by $293 million for capital disbursements to $757 million, and by $4 million each for operations and programs to $23 million and $48 million, respectively.

Democrats are complaining that he sounds like a republican. Thank God.

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McConnell Keeps His Promise....

His timing couldn't be better. After the smackdown administered by Judge Vinson, Mitch McConnell introduced a measure to repeal the national healthcare overhaul. Although it is unlikely to pass, republicans are lined up in opposition, forcing the democrats to yet again put themselves in the position of supporting unpopular, expensive and likely unconstitutional legislation.

Earlier today, McConnell announced in a press avail: "We pledged to the American people that we would seek to repeal this 2,700-page bill that seeks to restructure all of American health care and put the decisions in Washington. I'm pleased to announce that all 47 of my members will be voting to repeal Obamacare." Thirteen Democrats won't join them, and maybe none will. But the process of pressuring vulnerable Democrats to go on the record in support of an unpopular, exorbitantly expensive and quite possibly unconstitutional statute has begun. And McConnell will do it again and again for the next two years.

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Source: Al-Qaeda on Brink of Using Nuclear Bomb

According to recently leaked diplomatic documents, the terrorist organisation al-Qaeda is on the verge of producing dirty bombs, after obtaining materials and scientists.

This could lead to what intelligence officials call a "nuclear 9/11."  If a dirty bomb were to be used in a populated area, thousands could die, mainly from radiation poisoning, as opposed to the devastation of a normal nuclear weapon.

Even worse, al-Qaeda could well be on its way to weapons worse than a dirty bomb.  According to a leaked report, al-Qaeda terrorists "have the technical competence to manufacture an explosive device beyond a mere dirty bomb."

This could mean a nuclear weapon could already be in development.
Al-Qaeda Flag

The Vancouver Sun continues:
Security briefings suggest that jihadi groups are also close to producing "workable and efficient" biological and chemical weapons that could kill thousands if unleashed in attacks on the West.
Thousands of classified American cables obtained by the WikiLeaks website and passed to The Daily Telegraph detail the international struggle to stop the spread of weapons-grade nuclear, chemical and biological material around the globe.
At a Nato meeting in January 2009, security chiefs briefed member states that al-Qaeda was plotting a program of "dirty radioactive IEDs", makeshift nuclear roadside bombs that could be used against British troops in Afghanistan.
As well as causing a large explosion, a "dirty bomb" attack would contaminate the area for many years.

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Muslim Brotherhood: Suez Canal Must be Closed, Egypt Should be Ready for War with Israel

As the world watches the chaos in Egypt continue, a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the major political groups fighting for power, has now greatly increased tension in the reason.

Muhammad Ghannem told an Iranian news network that if he and the Muslim Brotherhood had his way, the Suez Canal would be closed immediately.  This would not only hurt capital coming in for the Mubarak government, but it would have further repercussions, as one-third of the world's oil is transported through the canal.  This could increase the price of oil and gas substantially.

Continuing, Ghannem stated that gas flowing from Egypt to Israel should stop immediately, “in order to bring about the downfall of the Mubarak regime.”  Once again, this would hurt the Mubarak regime and would also hurt the Israeli economy in the process.

However, Ghannem's most provocative statements came about war with Israel.  Talking about what the Muslim Brotherhood is prepared to do, Ghannem stated that “the people should be prepared for war against Israel.”  This implies that a war with Israel could be inevitable if the group takes substantial power in Egypt.
Logo of the Muslim Brotherhood
Hosni Mubarak, the besieged President of Egypt is still in power despite protests from hundreds of thousands of Egyptians.  Mr. Mubarak is famous for ruling Egypt for 30 years, but also because he is one of the only Middle Eastern countries to have a formal peace treaty with Israel.

Should the Muslim Brotherhood take power, that distinction would likely end.

Ghannem continued his interview, confidently saying that the armies of Egypt would not listen to Mubarak.  When asked about the soldiers in the street, Ghannem stated that they “would not kill their brothers,” even if the order has already been issued.

He lastly stated that the United States did, in fact, support Mubarak.  However, “seeing millions head for the streets,” the United States has "abandoned" plans to help Mubarak retain power.

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Hundreds of Thousands Gather in Cairo

It is early morning in Cairo, Egypt today but already hundreds of thousands of people are gathering in the cities.  With much of the day left, protesters could get their wish and gather one million people by the end of the day.  Some pictures:

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Monday, January 31, 2011

A one-time post

One of my favorite bloggers is Morgan Freeberg a.k.a. House of Erato-sthenes. He is able to explain things clearly, although not always concisely. Simple ideas or complex ideas, when Morgan gets a hold of it, he can boil it down to something that is understandable. I urge you to make him a daily stop.

But I was a little dismayed when he rather off-handedly remarked that he didn't like fisking, musing that doing so usually didn't add anything to a discussion.

Of course, I've been doing a weekly (more-or-less) fisking of a liberal columnist for several years now. I don't think Morgan's comment was directed at me, because those fiskings are on a more obscure website that is more of a diary than a blog, but I did take it as whispered advice from an older brother. I hold Morgan's advice in high regard, so whenever he expresses an opinion, I weight it a bit more than other people's words. So I quit doing fiskings and figured that I would never do them again.

Until now.

This one has been sticking in my craw for over a week, and I've got to release it. I know this is only my second post here, so not much is known about me. But one thing I want to make clear: I do not tolerate fools gladly. And the fool that prompted this has a bit of a backstory.

Bob Scott claims to be a Republican here in Arkansas. I say claims, because back in 2004, Bob wrote a letter to the only state-wide newspaper (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette), urging every Republican to vote for John Kerry. I wish I still had a copy of the letter, but one phrase remains stuck in my memory. "For the first time in my life, I am going to vote for a Democrat for President." This is from someone who claims to have been a county chairman for the Republican Party, and having served on Republican Lieutenant Governor John Rockefeller's staff.

In a previous letter to the editor, Bob states that he is a liberal Republican. The liberal part I believe, but I have my doubts about the Republican part. And the letter Bob presents here shows what a complete fool Bob is.

So, with no further ado, I present here Bob's letter as it was published in the Northwest Arkansas Times, which I will put in italics.


The column by the Rev. Lowell Grisham (“Rich Get Richer,” Jan. 9) was, as usual, an excellent Bible lesson and very timely with the recent insistence by MY PARTY (the conservative Republican Party) to send an additional $81.5 billion tax deduction to the richest 1 percent of Americans. *

Well, Bob, I’m not sure, but I do believe that somewhere in the Bible there’s probably something that the followers of God would consider commands. I imagine that these “commandments" would probably be ten in number, simply because it would allow the followers to tick them easily off their fingers as they recited them. And I’m pretty sure that these “Ten Commandments" would have at least a commandment to not covet what your neighbor has. Now, Bob, assuming that there is such a commandment in these “Ten Commandments" that does indeed command the followers to not covet what others have, why are you concerning yourself with what others have?

*The ultimate example of the conservative “trickle down” theory worshipped [sic] by the “supply-siders” under Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, an economic theory tabbed as “voodoo economics” by none other than the honorable George Herbert Walker Bush.*

So, since you find him ‘honorable’ now, did you find him ‘honorable’ when he struck a deal with the Democrats to raise taxes in exchange for cutting spending? A deal that Democrats reneged on?
The elder Bush believed that supply-side reforms like ending regulation would not be enough to rejuvenate the economy. Remind me how that turned out again, Bob?
Sorry to sound so cynical, but I find Bob’s labeling of the elder Bush as ‘honorable’ to be rather convenient, and most likely insincere.

*In addition to Grisham, you feature columns by John Brummett and Dr. Art Hobson, all of whom make us think. *

Make us think of vomiting from the idiocy, that is.

*Thank you for a great editorial page, and we are thankful for them as well as many other writers on your editorial pages. Your editorial page is comparable to the editorial pages of the Arkansas Gazette prior to the purchase by the Arkansas Democrat, owned by the right-wing Republican.*

You can almost hear the disgust at having to actually having to contemplate the thought that those evil, mean, contemptible right-wing Republicans are actually owners of a newspaper. I can even imagine Bob spitting in disgust at having to utter the term “right-wing Republicans". He’s tolerant like all liberals, you know.

*Comparing your editorial page with that of the Democrat-Gazette is like comparing CNN to Fox.

Finally, thank you for not publishing the hatred spouted by the extreme right wing. *

I’ll just pause a moment here so that you can relish the amount of irony in that sentence. Probably the only difference in Bob's mind is the insertion of the word ‘extreme' into that sentence.

*Even though I am not willing to conclude that the hatred spouted by conservatives like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck (Fox News) is responsible for the shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the distinguished chief judge of the U.S. District Court for Arizona, along with five other Americans, *

That’s mighty white of you, Bob. Seeing as how that’s what the evidence has proven.

*it is time for conservatives to examine that possibility.*

Oh. I see. So, conservatives and the “hatred" that we have “spouted" are not responsible for the shooting, but we need to examine the “possibility" that we are.

It all makes perfect sense!

*What about the open display of fully automatic weapons at Tea Party political events with total silence from the conservative leaders. *

He’s right! All that hate that was spouted at the Tea Parties and the weapons that were there caused.... er, no incidents at all.

Not one.

Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Clearly, the Tea Party has much to be ashamed of.

*Ever hear of a liberal spouting similar hatred, carrying a submachine gun at a political event or any other public event, talking about “crosshairs” on the back of politicians and activating our Second Amendment rights?*

Well, since you asked...

How about when some tolerant liberals plotted to attack Republicans at their national convention in 2008?

Or how about liberal Senator Carnahan (D-MO) who had his own campaign office firebombed and tolerant liberals like you blamed the Tea Party?

Ooh, that one’s gonna sting a little, won't it?

Or how about Casey Berzik, who cut the throat of a community college dean, but his intended target was Missouri governor Jay Nixon?

Okay, bombs and knives, but no guns, I hear you say. Ask, and ye shall receive:

Let's start with James von Brunn, who shot and killed a security guard at the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

John Patrick Bedell shot two security guards at the Pentagon.

How about the guy who wanted to shoot the anti-abortion protesters? The quote is, ""When we come out, I’m going to put a bullet in your head if you talk to her."

How about Clay Duke, who opened fire on members in a school board meeting in Florida, then killed himself?

Or even how a tolerant leftist like yourself threatened to kill Senator Cantor and his family? Well, he didn’t put it that way. The way he put it was, ““My Congressman Eric Cantor, and you and your cupcake evil wife…” “Remember Eric…our judgment time, the final Yom Kippur has been given. You are a liar, you’re a Lucifer, you’re a pig, a greedy fucking pig, you’re an abomination, you receive my bullets in your office, remember they will be placed in your heads. You and your children are Lucifer’s abominations.”“

So I could be reading too much into that.

And surely you haven’t forgotten the shooting right here in Arkansas of a military recruiter? Unless you had your head in the sand (or some other dank dense place), you couldn’t have missed the newspaper account: “police said the man who’s suspected in the shooting did not know the victims but shot them because of “ideological reasons.” The suspect was described as a convert to Islam who specifically targeted soldiers for the attack”.

Ah. Well. How embarrassing. As Michelle Malkin says, “being a Tea Party-bashing liberal means never having to say you’re sorry for smearing conservative dissent."

*Take a look at the March 25 interview with Giffords during her campaign after Palin mentioned targeting her with crosshairs on the congresswoman’s legislative district on Sarah’s website. Sarah knew what she was doing and knew what happened in Tucson was a real possibility if not probability, as the reference was immediately removed from her website following the shooting.*

I love how the possibility that the people responsible removed it so as not to be insensitive to the tragedy never enters Bob’s mind. Nope, nope, it’s because dumb, idiotic Sarah remembered the map on her website and wanted to remove any hint of complacency in something that she clearly orchestrated.

And hey Bob! You didn't happen to see the map that's up at the top of this post here on this page, now did you? No, I didn't think so.

*The silence about this hatred rhetoric from the conservative leadership has been deafening. *

Hey, there’s also been a deafening silence from the black leadership! They must also be guilty!
And the Hispanic leadership, as well! They also must be guilty!
Ditto for the female leadership!
And the Eskimo leadership!
And the Soviets! Why aren’t they saying anything! I’m telling you, this conspiracy goes all the way to the top! They are all clearly guilty! Guilty, guilty, GUILTY!!!!!!!

*Sen. John McCain is the exception; he stopped the lady blathering about candidate Obama being a Muslim, foreign-born, un-American and candidly told her and the world that Obama was not evil or un-American, but an honest, good American.*

Clearly, John McCain (or should I say, Ivan McCain!) is in on the conspiracy! He’s always looked rather shifty-eyed to me!

And he messed up when he described Obama as ‘honest' and ‘good'.
And the ‘American' part is still in doubt, too.

*I do not have to know anything about the shooter to know he should never have had access to a gun, especially a gun capable of firing 30 rounds in seconds without reloading. That is a weapon for war or police enforcement, not hunting or target practice.*

Do you see Bob’s point here? He’s not saying that Kook Boy who shot a Congresswoman shouldn’t have had access to a gun. No, what Bob is saying here is that NO ONE should have access to such a gun, Second Amendment be damned.

*Turn off Fox. Stop hate and fear.*

Another irony-rich sentence. Dishonesty and smearing is still all right in Bob's book.

OK, that's it. It's out of my system, now. I feel better. I hope you enjoyed this fisking. I promise my next post will be more punditry. I'm aiming to have another one this week, because of my inability to get one out last week. I feel obligated to make up for that deficit.

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