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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wikileaks Attorney Vows “Private Prosecution” of Sarah Palin if She Sets Foot in Australia

It would seem that the Sarah Palin may be subject to Australian law without ever having been born there or stepped foot there. Who knew?

Anyone who incites others to commit violence against his client, even outside Australia, Stary says, is violating Australian law and can be held accountable for it.

"Certainly if Sarah Palin or any of those other politicians come to Australia, for whatever purpose, then we can initiate a private prosecution, and that's what we intend to do."

I always knew Sarah Palin was a wanted woman, but this is a little over the top....

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Interview with A Trainwreck in Maxwell

Today, Pundit Press is proud to present interview number 19 in our ongoing interview series. Today we're interviewing Kurt from a Trainwreck in Maxwell, one of our most-visited blogs. We thank him for taking part in our series.

1. When and why did you start a Trainwreck in Maxwell?

   Back in 2004, I was working for the city of San Marcos and living in Maxwell, TX.
   It was somewhere around that whole 'Fake-but-accurate Barbra Streisand the Libs were
   throwing around, and I ended up on Blogger from a link someone threw out because he 
   was complaining about comments.

2. What is your favorite part of running your site?

    Some of the smart people I've met online and being able to see an unlimited variety of
     takes on a particular subject.

3. Has President Obama been better or worse than you expected?

    Much worse. I know it doesn't really look like it, but I generally think people try to do
    what's right, but it looks like he and his party are trying to destroy this country.

4. Any favorite for 2012 yet?

    I'll take my time on that, but as a fiscal conservative I'm ruling out anyone who's only 
    experience has been in the US Senate. I'll also reject anyone that ran in '08.

5. Where do you see the "political climate" in a year?

    Do you mean all the love that we're getting from the Left? That'll stay the same unless 
    someone in a leadership position really puts their foot down and means it, but that won't
    happen because their lunatic fringe needs to let off steam somewhere.
   The MSM will still be covering for Obama unless he really does something that turns 
   them against him. If that happens what they did to Bush will look like love poems.

6. Anything else you'd like to add?

   People being people, I only hope that the new Tea Party congress remembers who 
   elected them when they start getting used to the perks of office.


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2012 GOP Profile: Newt Gingrich

Now that Newt Gingrich is officially running for President, I decided to do some research and to find out who the former Speaker of the House really is. There is the good, the bad, and the very ugly.


Gingrich was elected to the House of Representatives eleven times (resigning after the 1998 election), his only two losses came against a popular incumbent Democrat in the 1974 and 1976 elections. When he was elected Speaker of the House in 1995: it was the first time in four decades that a Republican had been able to reach the coveted legislative post.


Gingrich's "Contract with America" was pivotal in the Republicans historic sweep of Congress in the 1994 midterm election (the GOP gained 54 seats - highest number since 1946). After the new majority was sworn in, Gingrich worked hard to pass welfare reform, to balance the national budget, and to reform the House. All of which he accomplished in just four years as House Speaker.


Gingrich has written over 20 books. He founded the American Solutions for Winning the Future organization, and he's well known for finding solutions to difficult problems. He is a genius, and a intellectual of the highest order. Most expect this particular strength would give him a strong advantage over Obama in the 2012 campaign and the fall debates.


Gingrich's greatest weakness in 2012 would be his disastrous personal life. He has been married three times - twice to mistresses, and cheated on his cancer stricken first wife in the 1980's. His affair with his third wife continued during the House of Representatives votes to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about his own affair.


So how is the Gingrich 2012 campaign polling with the people? Not swell. The Washington Post has Gingrich 12 points behind Mike Huckabee, while Public Policy Polling also has him down by double digits to Mike Huckabee. Gingrich is devastatingly behind Barack Obama in every poll, and will not change without an Obama scandal.

Any thoughts?

Poll: Is Gingrich's Run for President Good or Bad?

This week, Newt Gingrich told close friends and Georgian politicians that he intends to run for President of the United States in 2012.  Newton Leroy Gingrich was a former Speaker of the House and is a self-proclaimed "conservative."  However, he has recently sided with Democrats on key issues or has endorsed liberals, including his endorsement of Dede Scozzafava and a commercial in which he appeared with Nancy Pelosi to warn about "climate change."

Gingrich will apparently try to win the Republican nomination.  This will lead to heated debates over whether his campaign is a good or bad thing.  Well, let your voice be heard now and vote in our poll:

Is Gingrich's Run for President Good or Bad?customer surveys

And here is the video of Pelosi and Gingrich.  If you are a conservative, try not to vomit all over your keyboard:

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Scientist: Earth Could Have "New Sun" Within a Year

People love to hype 2012 as the end of the world.  It's BS, but hey, when it gets into the public consciousness, things stick.

Anywho, a scientist named Brad Carter is predicting that the star Betelgeuse is expected to go super-nova very soon.  If this happens, the sky that we look at could have two stars in it, even though Betelgeuse is 1,300 light years away.  On the bright side, Carter assures us that we won't all die:
"When a star goes bang, the first we will observe of it is a rain of tiny particles called nuetrinos.  They will flood through the Earth and bizarrely enough, even though the supernova we see visually will light up the night sky, 99 per cent of the energy in the supernova is released in these particles that will come through our bodies and through the Earth with absolutely no harm whatsoever.”
So that's good news.

But there has been speculation that a supernova could wipe out all complex life on the planet-- especially due to gamma radiation. I don't know how Mr. Carter knows that the Earth is safe, but I'd like something a little more concrete.

In the year 1006 there was another supernova, SN 1006 that was visible on earth for two days. It was called a "guest star." One account related that the supernova was half as large as our moon in the sky. We can still see the outline of the supernova with telescopes (below:)

SN 1006
And if you are a Star Wars nerd and always envisioned yourself as Luke Skywalker, something like this picture could be here next year:

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Cain vs. Gingrich.

As of now the 2012 Republican Primary battle will be between Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich. I prefer Cain over Gingrich.

So who do support between the two announced candidates?

Gingrich: 'I am Running for President'

Ending months of speculation, Newt Gingrich has told close friends and prominent Republicans in the state of Georgia that he will run for President in 2012.  And even though 2011 has just begun, Gingrich is not waiting to put political wheels in motion.

Gingrich has already contacted several prominent Republicans in an effort to begin his campaign.  Amongst those likely to aid Gingrich in the near-future are Nathan Deal, the governor of Georgia, and Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson.

Before this news broke, Gingrich had given a press conference tying himself to Georgia, stating:

“My offices are here. My grandchildren are here. I’m here regularly.  I helped create the modern Republican Party in Georgia starting in 1960. I have a certain fondness for being back in Atlanta.”
However, whether he can revitalize his political base is being questioned.  For example, Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss wondered aloud about Gingrich's ability to produce a successful campaign:
“Newt is my friend. He’s been a mentor, in some respects, since he was speaker when I got elected [to Congress].
“But it’s a different world right now, and we’ve got to make sure that whoever the nominee is, that he can win in November. That’s the goal of every Republican right now. John Thune[, the U.S. senator from South Dakota,] is a very close friend. He’s talked to me about his potential campaign.
“I’m going to keep my powder dry.”
Saxby later continued:
“[Gingrich is] obviously aware of all the negative aspects of the campaign. And I’d be curious to hear from him why he thinks he can win in spite of that.
“In presidential campaigns now, you have to do something in Iowa. You may not have to win Iowa, but you’ve got to make a good showing in Iowa. Then you’ve either got to win or make a good showing in New Hampshire – if you don’t win Iowa.
Then if you don’t win New Hampshire or Iowa, you’ve got to win South Carolina. Can Newt do that?”
These statements echo statements by moderate Republicans concerning former VP candidate Sarah Palin.  However, Gingrich's campaign will certainly interest conservative Republicans, who make up the majority of the party.  Particularly, conservatives will be torn over Gingrich's assertion that he is conservative and the fact that he supported moderate or liberal candidates, like Dede Scozzafava.

It will certainly be interesting to see where this 2012 campaign takes the country, as the race slowly begins.

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Interview with Dan Baltes, Executive Director of AAIA (Group Leading Dupnik Recall)

Pundit Press is proud to present its eighteenth interview in our on-going series.  Today we are lucky to have Dan Baltes, the executive director of Americans Against Immigration Amnesty, answer our questions.  AAIA has been recently been making headlines as it is spearheading the effort to recall Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.  So without further ado:

When was AAIA founded and why?  What is AAIA's goal?

    AAIA was founded in May, 2010 as a section 527 political organization.  Our goal has been the platform for the American people to be heard.  Many politicians claim to speak for the American people but the true voice of Americans is not being echoed or represented in Washington DC.

You are the Executive Director of AAIA.  Do you believe that illegal immigration is the most important political issue of today?

    I believe that many of the problems we currently have in the United States are rooted in illegal immigration: healthcare costs; hospitals are being bankrupted by delivering healthcare to illegal immigrants; unemployment; if we remove the illegal immigrants from the equation there would be millions of jobs available for American citizens; crime/national security; there are over a million illegal immigrants crossing the southern borders every year and we have no idea who they are or what their intentions are in this Country... and the list goes on.

The shootings in Tucson were a national tragedy.  How do you feel about officials and members of the media politicizing it?

    The statements and rhetoric after the tragedy in Tucson is a shameful example of the worst of American politics.

Your organization recently announced that it will lead the way in the recall of Pima Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.  Why do you see this as important?

    Sheriff Dupnik engaged in shameless political grandstanding, a lack of objectivity and was out of line.  As one AAIA member put it, “The Sheriff has forever sullied his office, his badge and department.”

What response did your organization get after you announced that you would be collecting signatures to recall Dupnik?

    We have received an overwhelming response from Tucson voters in support of our effort.  We have also gotten a handful of emails telling us to butt out of Tucson’s business and some other rather colorful terms, but for every one of those emails we receive, we receive 100 thanking us for being involved.

Looking at yourself, do you believe that your are conservative, a liberal, or something in between?

    I believe the constitution is the governing document for our Country.  In that regard it is my opinion that adhering to the constitution would be the center and what we should strive for as an expectation.

Other than illegal immigration, are there any other issues that you believe that this Administration is ignoring/screwing up?

    It is my opinion that DC is a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong....a cross between a really dysfunctional family and a crazy uncle that spawned an insatiable beast that feeds on taxpayer dollars and Congress is a lot like a puppy...you have to watch them closely or they will pee on the carpet and chew up your slippers.  Seriously though.  Our political system is broken.  Laws and activities in DC are controlled by lobbyists and special interests.  Someone forgot to send a lobbyist to DC for the American people and we have been tricked into believing that our representatives were our lobbyists...that is until recently.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

STOP-BANG questionnaire identifies patients with OSA at high risk of surgical complications...

Seems obvious and I am surprised this is the first study to show the connection. And while the number of patients enrolled was relatively low, but the numbers are compelling.

135 adult patients undergoing elective surgery at a tertiary care center were administered the STOP-BANG questionnaire.

41.5% of patients had high risk scores for OSAS.

Patients at high risk of OSAS had a much higher rate of postoperative complications compared with patients at low risk (19.6% vs 1.3%).

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Keith Olbermann Fired? [with video]

Fiery MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann, who has been with the network for almost eight years, is apparently being let go. It is not immediately clear if Olbermann decided to quit or was fired from the network. This came as talks between NBC/Universal and Comcast for a merger deal have heated up.

Olbermann broke the news unexpectedly during his show on Friday night. It was not clear his motivations and he gave no further evidence.

Furthermore, Politico seems to have pegged an important quote that may show that Olbermann was, indeed, fired:

“I think the same fantasy popped into the head of everybody in my business who has ever been told what I have been told: this will be the last edition of your show,” he said.
On top of this-- it may be because of the upcoming merger:

His sources said “the parting came as fallout from Comcast’s purchase of NBC Universal, and with it, the departure of NBC head, Jeff Zucker,” he said.
Olbermann also referenced his firing from ESPN in which he had only fifteen seconds to make his final statements. This could mesh with the theory that he was forced out, yet again.

The AP story covering his departure has a surprisingly honest look at the way MSNBC carried itself with Olbermann on their network:

MSNBC essentially molded the network in Olbermann's image. His program is MSNBC's top-rated, gaining in viewers after his evolution from a humorous look at the day's headline into a combatively political show in the latter days of the Bush administration. MSNBC decided that point-of-view programming was the way to go, and hired Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell — both occasional subs for Olbermann — to fill out its prime-time lineup.

Olbermann has been known for being bombastic on-air and off. He called a Tweeter a F*cktard when he was challenged. He told former President George W. Bush to "shut the hell up" and seemed to take delight in every setback in Bush's foreign and domestic policy.

His sendoff gave him some time to address his audience but it was apparently a last-minute affair:

"There were many occasions, particularly in the last 2 1/2 years, where all that surrounded the show — but never the show itself — was just too much for me," said Olbermann, whose father died recently. "But your support and loyalty and, if I may use the word, insistence, ultimately require that I keep going. My gratitude to you is boundless."
The AP article speculates at what might be next for Olbermann, a former ESPN commentator. He may decide to go to struggling CNN. Another rumor says he might go to the Huffington Post-- but MSNBC apparently has its network "prepared:"

MSNBC announced that O'Donnell, who had frequently filled in for Olbermann before starting his own 10 p.m. show, will take over Olbermann's time slot starting Monday. "The Ed Show," with Ed Schultz, will move to 10 p.m. Cenk Uygur of the Web show "The Young Turks" will fill Schultz's vacated 6 p.m. time slot.
The video of the segment:

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Keith Olbermann Departure Video

The following is Keith Olbermann's departure from his MSNBC show Countdown.

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Jesus Hates Obama Video

The following is the bizarre ad that was rejected for the Super Bowl:

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The 8th Deadly Sin

The 8th Deadly Sin
He who hesitates is lost. 
When we have the opportunity to accomplish something and we miss that opportunity because we fail to take action or we allow ourselves to be diverted from the best to accomplish the good that isn’t defeat it is capitulation.
To concentrate on attempting what cannot be accomplished while ignoring what can is beyond folly it’s culpably poor leadership.  It ranks right down there with decision of the captain of the Titanic to dismiss warnings of icebergs ahead because his ship was unsinkable.
To lose momentum is to gain inertia.
The new House majority is locked in a confrontation with an adversary shameless enough to use a senseless tragedy perpetrated by an obviously deranged individual for political gain.  An adversary aided by a mass media willing to present a surreal pseudo reality as if it were the real thing.  Thus it is useless to expect a level playing field.  Rolling a big rock up a steep hill is the order of the day.   All of which says it is time to roll up the sleeves and get to work.  Real work not symbolic work.
Reading the Constitution is good political theater.  Demanding that every piece of legislation explicitly state where in the Constitution it is authorized should have been standard operating procedure.  In fact most bills have always included a section pointing to the constitutional validation of the law.  In the end this will probably lead to a continuation of the over use of the words, “Commerce Clause” and “Necessary and Proper” which in effect mean, “Because we want to.”
Conservatives are confronting a relentless opponent who has gained strategic and tactical advantage.   An opponent, supported by the media, in control of the educational and entertainment establishments who has the cohesion of shared ideology and goals.  To make concessions and compromises merely hastens their goal of an unlimited government and central planning.
Ultimately what it is; is what it is. This sounds obvious doesn’t it?  The truth often is obvious, so obvious that it hides in plain sight and is either forgotten, overlooked, or missed. 
Today what it is; is a political environment which ignores the Constitution and the limits it imposes.  We may wish it wasn’t.  We may tell ourselves it isn’t but it is.  It isn’t what we wish it was and it won’t become what we want it to be unless we take positive steps to build upon our enlightened past to change the revisionist present.  We must divert the flow of current events into a path that leads to the future we desire or we’ll end up in a future that repudiates our past and validates the present we now inhabit, one which in many ways will be the opposite of our constitutionally limited representative republic. 
It will still be called the United States of America.  We will be told that we have the most freedom and opportunity of any people on earth. But the fact will be that we will have become the creatures of an unlimited government, the playthings of a faceless bureaucracy. 
We can’t know what we don’t know but we can know that we don’t know.  
He who writes the past controls the present and he who controls the present shapes the future.  We need to examine our own knowledge base.  Each of us needs to frankly admit what we don’t know and actively strive to fill in the gaps.
If we aren’t sure how we got here we must learn our own history.  If we aren’t sure how the economy works we must study economics.  If we can’t understand why our leaders do what they do we must examine political theory.  Americans were once known as the most politically involved and informed people on earth.  An informed and involved populace is the rampart of a free nation.  We must do the work, put in the effort necessary to take our place beside our ancestors as the guardians of liberty and the advocates of the limited government which alone can ensure its survival.
One can only do what one can do and one cannot do what one cannot do. 
What am I calling for in the way of concrete actions by the new Republican majority in the House?  Don’t waste precious time doing things you think will placate the Tea Party.  Don’t spin your wheels in dead-end gestures as a way of tipping your hat to the newly activated voters.  Instead do what you can do. 
Refuse to add to the deficit.  Refuse to grow the government.  In other words refuse to be an accomplice to the building of the social welfare replacement state.  Instead use your investigative powers to uncover the corruption that lies at the foundation of Chicago on the Potomac.  Use the bully pulpit of being an elected representative, of being the majority leader and speaker of the House to state the case that one side in Washington are working to establish an unlimited federal bureaucracy and one side wants to re-establish limited government.
Do what you can do don’t pretend to do what you know you can’t do.  Stand up and be counted or continue to do what you have done previously and eventually you might be counted out, at the ballot box.
There are latitudes to platitudes which often lead to the gratitude of the multitude and there are limitations to alliterations which leverage the legitimacy of literature.  Rising above the temptation to be catchy in an industry that rewards catchiness while striving to enlighten as well as entertain leads us back to the reality of what it is; is what it is.  And what this is; is a wake-up call to the new Republican majority in the House.
Act as a Conservative majority, a break upon the Progressive’s relentless advance toward the corporate state and the social justice welfare shabbiness it entails.  Stand-up for what you stand for don’t fritter away your present advantage for hollow compromises which merely serve to advance the agenda of your opponents.  Remember they see victory as anything bringing any movement in their direction.  They realize there is a tipping point and that it’s approaching. 
One last word to the wise; don’t mistake the victory of the last election as a vindication of your past tactics or motives understand it instead as a last chance reprieve.  If you sell the birthrights of the American people for a photo-op and a friendly write-up in the media of record come 2012 you may be in for a shock.  Strike now while the iron is hot.  Do not commit the 8th deadly sin of procrastination or the voters won’t hesitate to try something else the next time around.
Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the author of the History of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com View the trailer for Dr. Owens’ latest book @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ypkoS0gGn8 © 2011 Robert R. Owens dr.owens@comcast.net  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook.

A Party Divided Against Itself.

The Washington Post has released a poll detailing the divided nature of the Republican Party as we move closer to selecting our 2012 Nominee. Three candidates are statistically tied at the top: Huckabee (21%), Palin (19%) and Romney (17%), while ten other candidates pull in another 30% of the vote.

The Republican Party cannot afford another unsupported Nominee at the top. John McCain was unable to reach 50% of the Primary vote in 2008, even though his main competition in the final months was Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul. This cost us dearly: millions of Republican voters did not come out to support their Nominee on election day.

If the leaders of Conservative organizations and high ranking Republican officials do not engage one another before candidates file for the 2012 Nomination, it would be impossible to imagine a victor with more than 35% of the vote, or without the convention intervening. We cannot win if we're this divided.

Look at the 1912 Presidential election - William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt received over seven million combined votes, while Woodrow Wilson received little more than six million. We're looking at another Republican fracture in 2012 - this time in the Primary - unless we can select our Nominee before the primaries.

Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers must forfeit their right to participate in a Primary so we can all unite behind one candidate to defeat Barack Obama in November. Who would our Nominee be? I know it wont be a Conservative like Sarah Palin, or a Centrist like Mitt Romney. Perhaps a second-tier/underlooked candidate would receive the nod.

What say you?

PolitiFact: Health Care is NOT a "Job Killer," Even Though it Will Cost 750,000 Jobs

PolitiFact touts itself as a "non-partisan" and objective truth-checker.  But one has to wonder how they can even bother saying that when they are ridiculously partisan.

Take their new article:  The health care law a "job killer"? The evidence falls short.  PolitiFact took a quote from Eric Cantor, in which he stated ObamaCare is a job killer, and rated it "false."  Nancy Pelosi was so ecstatic over the news that she quickly tweeted in liberal bliss:
However, PolitiFact's "facts" don't hold up.  In fact, the article itself falls apart by simply reading it, as it is incredibly self-contradictory.

The article quickly quotes a press release by the CBO.  PolitiFact quickly mocks Republicans for leaving out "facts."  Here now is the entire first paragraph of the CBO report, quoted by PolitiFact (emphasis mine):

"The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that the legislation, on net, will reduce the amount of labor used in the economy by a small amount—roughly half a percent—primarily by reducing the amount of labor that workers choose to supply. That net effect reflects changes in incentives in the labor market that operate in both directions: Some provisions of the legislation will discourage people from working more hours or entering the workforce, and other provisions will encourage them to work more. Moreover, many people will be unaffected by those provisions and will face the same incentives regarding work as they do under current law."

Oh, well, half a percent, that can't be so bad, right?  That can't be that many jobs, right?  Well, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 150,000,000 Americans are in the labor force.  That means, with ObamaCare in place, the United States will lose 750,000 jobs.
But it's not like our economy is struggling right now, right?  It's not like it would hurt our economy if it instantly lost 750,000 jobs, right?  Right?  It must be nice for Democrats to have lap dogs skewing numbers for them.

Actually, PolitiFact took exception to the number of jobs Republicans have said the US would lose, 650,000.  In reality, we will lose 100,000 more jobs.  As you can probably tell, PolitiFact is completely full of it.

Near the end of their article, PolitiFact states:  "To be clear, the health care law will cost some employers money, particularly large ones. The CBO says that  fines imposed on large employers will affect low-wage workers the most. But it also says the effect will be somewhat limited."

I guess the geniuses over at PolitiFact don't care about the little person so long as the damage is "limited."  They are fine towing the Democratic line.  And they assume that no one will notice 750,000 jobs vanishing.  But I know who will notice: the people losing their livelihoods.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011


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Hello, everyone! My name is Lonnie, and I have been invited to contribute to the Pundit Press. I want to thank Matt and everyone at Pundit Press for giving me this opportunity, and I want to assure everyone I will do my very best to make this a better blog for everyone.

As many of you know, Pundit Press put out an invitation for writers. I was compelled to apply because of the truly historic times that we are experiencing right now.

I don't know about you, but the election of 2008 really dispirited me. I spent a lot of time sitting in stunned disbelief when Obama was elected President. Just as in 1992, when my own state of Arkansas sent Slick Willy to the White House, I wondered how people could be so gullible as to vote for Obama. I questioned myself and my beliefs, wondering if maybe the voters knew more than I did.

I wondered if the Republican Party in general and conservatives in particular were headed for the dustbin of history. Nobody likes to be on the losing side, and losing to a party that put up a ticket of inexperience on one side and inept on the other was a particularly bitter pill to swallow. I thought maybe the tide of history was just going to sweep our boats right on out to sea, never to be seen again.


Here it is, two years later, and a coalition of Republicans and Tea Partiers have pulled off the biggest reversal of congressional seats in a century or so. (If I remember correctly off the top of my head, the last such change of such magnitude that happened in Congress was in 1902 or 1904, but I could be wrong about that.)

And it didn't just happen in Congress. Many states' legislatures flipped from Democrat to Republican. Ditto for a few governorships. And I'll bet a number of you saw your county or city or local elected boards do a similar flip.

Has a flip of such magnitude ever happened anywhere before? Not to anyone's recollection.

Truly historic times.

And, I think, things are just beginning.

But we need to help these things take root, so that they can flourish.

I realize that writing a post every now and then isn't world-shaking.

It may not even qualify as Jello-shaking.

But it is doing something.

Daily Kos: Republicans 'Will Pay' for Repeal of Health Care, Launch "Repeal This" Campaign

How is that civility holding up?

Daily Kos, the disgraced liberal website, is angry over House Republicans voting to repeal ObamaCare.  So much so that they are doing away with supposed "civility" and are instead aiming to attack Republicans.  In this mass forwarded email, obtained by Pundit Press, Daily Kos (and those affiliated with it) lays out its plan to attack Republicans.

Daily Kos is calling the plan "Repeal This." Here is the email in its entirety below (username obscured to preserve anonymity, click for high quality):

In the email, Daily Kos also linked to a YouTube video expounding its political beliefs:

You figure it all out.

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The Media Does Not Get the Irony of This At All!

"The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner hosted a dinner for the guy holding the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner in prison."

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There Are Now 27 States Challenging the Constitutionality of ObamaCare

Toast to the new congress....

The House voted to repeal the health care overhaul yesterday in a move that was, as The Wall Street Journal says, symbolic but not entirely meaningless. Ultimately, though, it's unlikely to result in any direct, substantive changes to the law. Thanks to the White House's veto power, Congress won’t be able to repeal the law before the next election.
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Meet Dr. ACO and the Accountable Care Organization

Last week I admitted an 89 year old female who had been treated for six weeks in the outpatient setting for a pneumonia diagnosed by chest x-ray. She had been treated with two rounds of antibiotics without resolution.

At about 6:30 pm I met her. Experience tells me that something is amiss. A CT chest reveals an 8 cm right hilar mass. Best practices as outlined by Kathleen Sebelius wouldn't likely not cover a CT in this setting. The ACO puts medical practitioners in the position of ignoring their instinct and practicing cookbook medicine. The doc's I know bristle at the notion of being told what to do and how to do it. I do! For what it's worth that mass was metastatic lung cancer. Treatable, not curable.

"Dr. ACO, just who are you accountable to? Isn't it obvious I am accountable to the Secretary of Health and Human Services."

Dr. Truth Hurts to the rescue...

Welcome to the future of medical care...not healthcare.

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Update: Doug Ross puts this notion of medical care into perspective.

Welcome to the ObamaCare Emergency Help Line!

For Espanol, press 1.
For Urdu, press 2
For Arabic, press 3
For Farsi, press 4
For Hmong, press 5
For all other languages, press 6

As always, read the whole thing.

Is There a Word for Snorting Human Ashes?

Everyone know that cannibalism is the consumption of human remains. But what do you call someone who snorts a humans cremated ashes?

Dumbass comes to mind.


Burglars snorted the cremated remains of a man and two dogs in the mistaken belief that they had stolen illegal drugs, Florida sheriff's deputies said Wednesday.

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Many Involved in Mafia Arrests

 Over a hundred accused mafia members have been arrested in widespread federal busts all over the Northeast. These arrests are described as an effort to 'break the back' of traditional organized crime.

Photo credit: AP
 Mr Holder said the charges spawned from decades of offences, including murders within rivalling crime families, a killing during a botched robbery and even a double homicide after an argument in a pub.
The sweep began before dawn on Thursday with some 800 federal agents and police officers arresting a range of individuals in the US, from suspected small-time bookers to senior family leaders. One person was also arrested in Italy in connection with the investigation.

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Quinnipiac Poll Has Obama Up 5 in OH

 It appears that the 2012 polling has already begun and President Barack Obama is in a strange position in Ohio. He is less popular than he was when he was elected in 2008 but still leads a potential Republican challenger. Obama has a slightly positive approval rating in the state, as well.

This poll is from Quinnipiac, which has an average reputation for accuracy, less accurate than Rasmussen but far more than CBS or ABCNews. This seems to be just the first in what will be very, very many state polls conducted before election day next year.

First, his approval rating:

Approve: 49%
Disapprove: 46%
Other/no opinion: 5%

In 2008 Obama won 51.5% of the vote against John McCain's 46.9%. In that race, Obama spent more than four million more dollars in advertising than McCain.

The public's view of him is interesting:

...37 percent of voters say Obama is too liberal and 7 percent say he is too conservative, while 46 percent say he is "about right."

This year, he is leading a generic Republican candidate, but with much less of the vote share than he had last time around.

Obama: 44%
Generic Republican: 39%
Other/und: 17%

Notice the high level of undecided voters. Apparently, although not terribly happy with Obama, many are waiting to see who the Republican nominee is. It seems like that will be the next step in the race.

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Secretary of Homeland Security Joe Lieberman.

Senator John McCain has suggested in a recent interview that Joe Lieberman, who is McCain's friend, and who is retiring from the Senate, should be named by President Obama to replace Bob Gates as Secretary of Defense. While this move would make absolute common sense, Lieberman will probably receive no favors from President Obama or National Democrats anytime soon.
However, with Republicans in good shape to retake the White House next year, Lieberman should expect a high level cabinet position, due to his experience in national defense related issues, and his support of defense minded Republicans in the 2004 and 2008 Presidential elections. He even said yesterday that if the right Republican candidate is on the ballot in 2012 - he might endorse him over his own Party. Again.

So what "high level cabinet position" should Joe Lieberman receive in 2013?

Secretary of Homeland Security.

As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, which oversees the Department of Homeland Security, Lieberman would be uniquely qualified to head the Department on day one of the new Administration, especially since domestic terrorism is on the rise within America, and we'll need somebody who understands that particular threat better than most in Washington.

Joe Lieberman would also represent the firmest piece of bipartisanship in the new Republican White House, and his presence would only strengthen the neo-conservative movement as a whole. Let's also remember that Lieberman is one of the few remaining Democrats who is pro-war and pro-national defense.

I can't think of one reason why Joe Lieberman should not be nominated as the next Secretary of Homeland Security. He understands our Islamo-fascist foes, he understands loyalty to allies, and he understands that defense of homeland comes before partisan or ideological bickering, unlike the current Secretary. I also can't think of one reason why defense should ever be political.

What say you?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who Said This?

“People who know the history of Margaret Sanger, who started Planned Parenthood, they know that the intention was not to help young women who get pregnant to plan their parenthood. No — it was a sham to be able to kill black babies,”

Find out here

Thanks to The Other McCain for the quote. He has a great discussion regarding the gruesome killings that allegedly occurred in a Philadelphia abortion clinic. Hot Air has more...

I was always ambivalent to abortion. Not being a woman I didn't feel it was any of my business and certainly not worth the fight. This all changed when I took Embryology in medical school. The argument that this was simply an amalgamation of cells of no particular shape or form that suddenly coalesced in the 9th month of gestation was proven patently false. Within days there is a beating heart, nervous system and appendages. Lila Rose started this undressing with her investigative series into Planned Parenthood. Abortion rates of 41% in New York City confirmed the insidious nature and the asshole, err doctor, charged with the murder of 8 people cemented the lie.

Raquel Okyay requests you ask them what they mean when they say choice? Is it abstinence? What about protection? Did you consider motherhood? How about adoption? There really are a lot of choices out there, why encourage and reenforce abortion as the only choice? Naral is sponsoring "Blog for Choice Day" and Jill Stanek is calling for a counter protest, blogger style.

Update: The Lonely Conservative adds her perspective...
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Integrity in Canada

Did you know that Canada has a Heritage Minister. I didn't either. It turns out his name is James Moore and he has ordered Library and Archives to show the film Iranium just days after a screening was cancelled due to "threats of violence.

“The principle of free speech is one of the cornerstones of our democracy,” MR. Moore’s office said in a prepared statement. “Minister Moore took action as soon as he heard that the film was cancelled. The minister has instructed the Library and Archives to honour their commitment to show the film, while taking all appropriate steps to ensure security. Canada does not accept attempts from the Iranian Embassy to dictate what films will, and will not be shown in Canada.”

The treats stem from a letter sent from to the Iranian Embassy to Pauline Portelance, spokesman for the Library and Archives, asking that the screening be cancelled. Following this multiple calls were received from the public some of which were threatening.

Then, people — whom Ms. Portelance described as “members of the public” — started phoning Library and Archives complaining about the planned screening and threatening to protest. “The threats were getting too serious,” Ms. Portelance said.

A decision was then made to cancel the screening.

I wonder what Iran has to hide?
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Reading Theodore Roosevelt.

Due to the timely arrival of The Seven Worlds of Theodore Roosevelt by Edward Wagenknecht, I will not be writing much over the next 48 hours. Please, do not cry my dear children - this blog will be constantly updated.

Are you currently reading any good (or bad) books?

House Votes to Repeal ObamaCare

The new Republican-led House has voted to repeal last year's disastrous ObamaCare law. The Republicans had a large majority in their vote and even got four Democrats to vote along with them. This is one step in the attempt to overturn the law, although the effort is expected to die in the Senate.

The vote was 245-189.

"I've got a problem with the assumption here that somehow the Senate can be a place for a legislation to go into a cul-de-sac or a dead end," [Eric Cantor] said. "The American people deserve a full hearing. They deserve to see this legislation go to the Senate for a full vote."
It's certainly a start. The roll call is here.

Grayson: Palin to Blame for Giffords Shooting

 Disgraced former Congressman Alan Grayson has apparently not got enough attention from his two year stint as a Representative. Grayson also did not seem to get the Democrats' new memo regarding 'civility' in politics. He is now openly blaming former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for the shooting.

Grayson was ousted last November by Daniel Webster in one of the closest-watched House races. He was defeated by the convincing margin of 18 points after barely winning in the Democratic wave year of 2008.

He was unrepentant-- and in fact, even more bombastic than usual:
Reacting to Palin's defense of her controversial video on the Ariz. massacre and use of the phrase "blood libel," Grayson writes: "That's interesting, I thought. What else might Palin be defending? Cannibalism, maybe?"
That last part is particularly ironic because Grayson warned that people may become cannibals if Republicans got their way.  The article continues:
Grayson goes on to offer his own summary of Palin's appearance on Sean Hannity's Fox News show: "Palin: I am so misunderstood. Hannity: I am so misunderstood. Palin: I am so misunderstood."

Grayson says not only was Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz), who was critically wounded in the shooting at her "Congress On Your Corner" event, wary of Palin's rhetoric, but that the former GOP vice presidential nominee used the same "crossfire" symbol against him.

"Even before I heard earlier Palin's whining about 'misguided finger-pointing' and 'irresponsible statements from people who are apportioning blame,' I thought about this: Palin came to my district, and told her people to 'take me out.' Palin told people again and again, 'don't retreat, reload.'"
Terrible. Grayson of course said that the Republican plan for health care was to have people "die quickly." He also compared GOP policies to cannibals previously. He said that President Bush knew that 9/11 was going to happen beforehand. He launched terrible smear ads against his opponent in which he called Webster "Taliban Dan" by taking a quote of his out of context.
Now do you see why he was knocked out last year?

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Michael Steele Compares Self to Julius Caesar (seriously)

Outgoing RNC Chairman Michael Steele is not taking his loss sitting down. After losing his bid for a second term, he appears to be firing back at his critics and has laid the blame at the feet of the RNC itself. This comes as Reince Priebus was elected to be the next Chairman.

Steele famously (or infamously) was gaffe-prone, calling for a withdrawal from Afghanistan. He also ran the RNC into a massive debt after coming in with a considerable surplus.

Steele was interviewed by FrumForum where he laid down the victim line. Apparently he didn't think that his own incompetence was the reason that he was removed from office. During the interview Steele even said that he would "love" to go on Jon Stewart's the Daily Show.

But he plays the victim card very obtusely:

“I know exactly how Caesar felt,” Steele says, without a hint of irony. “It is what it is.” He claims that Priebus had been planning to defect for six, seven, eight months before announcing a bid for the chairmanship. Steele was blindsided. “I trust my friends. Well, I guess the adage is right. In Washington, you should get a dog… We put a lot of resources in Wisconsin over the last two years… that’s what you do for [the] team.”
Steele also takes credit for GOP gains last year, seemingly disregarding the resurgence of conservativism and the activism of the Tea Party.

FrumForum laid out the case against Steele in their own interview with him. They were able to list his gaffes and mistakes and had him respond:

“There was that incident that you weren’t directly involved in,” I start, but he cuts in. “I wasn’t involved in it at all,” Steele says, anticipating my question about what Jon Stewart later branded ‘the lesbian bondage fiasco’. “I know what you’re talking about.”
“There was a staffer [who] did something she wasn’t supposed to do, and she got fired for it… the test of leadership is how you handle it. We got the money back, we fired the individual involved,” Steele says.
And the comment about Afghanistan? About how the war in Afghanistan was “a war of Obama’s choosing”?
It was about time we kicked him out.

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A Call for Contributors

Pundit Press is slowly growing, in case you didn't hear. That's why we're asking for those that read the site and think that they should be heard if they would like to write for our blog. Your level of participation is up to you-- an article a day, an hour, or per week. It's a no-pay but rewarding experience.

We're looking forward to your response.

Send all inquiries to punditpress-at-gmail.com.

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Lugar to Run for Re-Election

Indiana Republican incumbent Richard Lugar has announced that he is seeking another term in the Senate. Lugar is one of the longest-serving members of the Senate and has been a major part of foreign policy decisions over the last twenty years.

“There are a great number of Americans who are genuinely angry about how things have turned out for them,” Mr. Lugar said. “Sometimes, they are unemployed or they have family members who are unemployed or they’re in situations which they feel heavy governmental restrictions of their activities.
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Man Shot Over French Fries

I know that some people take their food seriously, but... this is beyond the pale. This is almost beyond simple puns as well, although I'm sure that someone could think of better ones than I could. I think that McDonald's should be culpable.

From CBS:

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A man was shot after an apparent argument over fast food in the city’s Northern Liberties section early Monday morning.
The two men were in a parked car near the intersection of 2nd and Callowhill Streets, eating fast food when an argument broke out over french fries, according to police.
The two men got out of the car, started fighting, and investigators say that’s when one of them pulled a gun and shot the other.
The victim was taken to Hahnemann University Hospital in critical condition.
Witnesses tell police the shooter drove off in a silver Mercedes.  The hunt continues for that car.
No word on what started the argument over the fries.


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Vote in Our Poll: What do You Think of Joe Lieberman's Retirement?

With independent Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman likely announcing his retirement later today, it comes as the end of his four-term career. He was the Democratic Party's Vice Presidential nominee in 2000 and made headlines for his consistent support of American efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. This support angered Connecticut liberals so much that he was defeated in the 2006 primary but later won the general over both the Democratic and Republican candidates. He endorsed and campaigned with John McCain in 2008 and even spoke at the Republican convention.

So what do you think of his announced retirement?

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Signatures Being Collected to Officially Recall Dupnik

On January 8, 2011, in Tucson, Arizona, a madman named Jared Loughner murdered 6 people, shot a Congresswoman in the head, and injured another 14.  He was tackled and subdued by heroes who had been in the middle of the horror.  In the hours after the rampage, little was known about Loughner.  It was in this time that America was introduced to Clarence Dupnik, the Pima County Sheriff.

In the absence of facts, Dupnik quickly and loudly began to blame the right and talk radio for the tragedy in Tucson.  As facts slowly came in, it was learned that Loughner was most likely apolitical; if he was "political" at all, Loughner was most certainly liberal.  Yet Dupnik did not back away.  In fact, he continued his assault on honesty, making the rounds on MSNBC and CNN.

But there is recourse for Dupnik's irresponsible actions: recall.  Citizens can recall Dupnik and strip him of his office.  And calls for this are growing louder daily.

First there are the so-called bloggers who have called for Dupnik to be recalled.  The Astute Bloggers, Mommy Life, and even Instapundit have all called for the recall of Dupnik.
But most important, ABC is now reporting that Dupnik is subject to recall.  Further, a group called Americans Against Immigration Amnesty has now officially begun to collect the 100,000 signatures needed to strip Dupnik of his office.  AAIA cited Dupnik's "irresponsible" comments and "shameless political grandstanding" as the reasons for their actions.

Soon after, Dupnik stated that Tucson has become the "tombstone of the United States," and that he "doesn't know how anybody could not be angry at the way government has performed."

There is also a Facebook page that calls for the recall of Dupnik.  It currently has over 800 members.

Edit: While Instapundit did raise the idea that Dupnik could be recalled, he did not officially endorse the idea.

Update: From AAIA's website: "If you are a registered voter in Pima County, Arizona and would like to volunteer to gather signatures to put this measure on the ballot, please email us at dan@restoreourdream.org"

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Two Students Shot in California

A suspect is in custody after shooting students in a California High School.

More from Fox News:

Authorities say two students were shot Tuesday morning at a high school in Los Angeles. One person  has been arrested.
Police believe the gunman, a black male wearing black clothing, is a student at Gardena High School, the school where the shooting occurred.
Police say one bullet was apparently fired accidentally hitting a 15-year-old boy in the neck and a 15-year-old girl in the head. The girl is in surgery at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, police say.

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Sources: Lieberman Will Not Run for Re-Election

Sources are stating that Connecticut independent Senator Joseph Lieberman, will not run for re-election next year. The 2000 Vice Presidential Democratic candidate, remains unpopular with much of the liberal base for his consistent support of the Iraq War and John McCain for President in 2008.

If he had chosen to run for re-election, Lieberman would have faced a crowded Democratic field. On Tuesday, Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz announced her intention to run, and Rep. Chris Murphy also may enter the Democratic primary contest.

He was one of the best members of the Senate, and I will miss him if these reports are true. He spoke with clarity that many did not even comprehend on issues of national security. I can only hope he decides to run.

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Bysiewicz to challenge Lieberman.

Full disclosure: Joe Lieberman is one of only two Democrats that I actually like.

Susan Bysiewicz, a former Connecticut Assemblywoman and Secretary of State, has announced her intention to challenge Independent Senator Joe Lieberman in next year's much-anticipated Senatorial election. The Senator is expected to seek his fifth term next November, but odds are he will be unable to survive the election.

Bysiewicz is known for successfully pushing an Amendment to the Connecticut State Constitution in 2008* that will allow seventeen year-old residents to vote in future Presidential primaries if they turn eighteen before the general election in November. The Progressive Huffington Post has already declared Bysiewicz a challenger "from the left".

Joe Lieberman famously left the Democrat Party in 2006 after Ned Lamont defeated him in the primary, due to Lieberman's unwavering support for the War on Terrorism, and particularly in Iraq. Most Republicans united behind Lieberman during the general election, but with an increasing focus on fiscal, and governmental issues within the movement - the right is bound to support their own challenger as well next time around.

Unless the Republican Party is able to convince Lieberman to either join our ranks: unlikely, or moderate his policies - even more unlikely since he's a man of devout principles and convictions, he will face a two-pronged threat in next year's Senatorial election, leaving him with very little hope of finding an outlet of supporters.

Any thoughts?

* - Passed with 64% of support.

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