Saturday, December 10, 2011

Readership of OWS Website Plummets as Movement Fizzles

One month ago, one of the biggest stories was the Occupy Wall Street movement. But that was one month ago. From violence and murder to rapes and disease, OWS has been shown as the blight that it truly is. And because of it, despite the shrieking from the Main Stream Media, Americans have rejected Occupy Wall Street and its socialistic values.

This is no more evident than's website, which was created by the founders of the protests just before the "movement" went national. Their readership peaked in early October and has plummeted since. As the Web Information Company Alexa reports, was one of the internet's 2,500 biggest sites just two months ago.

And yet, as they lose tens of thousands of hits, their ranking continues to fall. For the last month, the site was ranked only as the 6,613th biggest on the internet. But it gets much worse for OWS. That rank is only an average, including early in the month when the site was still peaking.

In fact, for the last week, their site is only the 14,149 biggest, and yesterday alone it was the 17,412th biggest. In comparison, the conservative site Free Republic was ranked as the 4,157th biggest site on the internet yesterday, and was the 4,372th biggest one month ago. This shows that the conservative site has held steady, or is growing., on the otherhand, it sinking like a stone:
The Occupy Wall Street-related site Ad Busters shares the same fate as their brethren., like, peaked in early October.  But they have plummeted since.

At their height, Ad Busters reached as high as the 7,500th biggest site on the web.  Yesterday, they were less than 30,000:
More than just the loss of coverage from the Main Stream Media, the loss of readership shows that OWS is fizzling.  The average person doesn't visit these sites anymore.  Interest is gone.  The supposed police brutality that "shocked the nation," as Time Magazine lied, was less than a blip on the radar for readership.

Unless OWS does something drastic, their movement is dead.

Note: Obviously all data was researched when I wrote this article and may change in the future.

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  1. You forgot to mention that 99% :>} of the recent hits are from the MSM, hoping to find a continuing story....

  2. They'll be back to disrupt the elections in November. BET on it.

  3. Shark, Jumped - 1 Each.

  4. The Adbusterians advises the OWSers to regroup and return in the spring with some "new philosophies" and pranks. This is not going to happen

  5. Anonymous orders all OWSers to occupy 2012 Democratic Convention in Charlotte North Carolina September 3rd.

  6. Personally, I was deeply moved by the plight of thousands of college students mixed with nostalgic SDS types longing for the sixties, infiltrated and steered by Big Union goons, communists and Organizer-in-Chief Obama ("You are why I ran for this office! Why are you heckling me?!") operatives egging them on,

    How they suffered! Oh, the humanity! Barely able to keep their iPhones charged, they soldiered on, their mission clear: to get their inflated student loans forgiven, to be handed a $200k job because they got C's in their chosen field of Gender Studies, Philosophical Deconstruction or Darwinian Surfing, and to stick it to The Man for being forced to live in a country where everybody couldn't be in the 1%.

    We need to understand that the only just world is one where nobody has to work, everybody is fed, has a nice house, 4g connectivity, good drugs and something to get rid of these lice and scabies, dude. They're harshing my buzz....

  7. Koblog,
    It must be terrible for these people to finally recognize they may have to, shudder, work at some profession society actually needs. Well said.
    At least we got a good look at how they would manage the country by how they managed OWS. A perfect advertisement for how NOT to do things. Tents for women to protect themselves from the OWS'ers. Filth, crime, disrespect for others, et al just says we would make a better country to live in NOT.
    I have yet to figure out what they actually wanted except "Give Me what I want for free."

  8. Kinda has the same curve on the graph as Obono ratings...people figured out there was no substance to the movement...mmmm mmm goood....hopey changey....spread the wealth....death to capitalism.....same chant omyo has...wonder why he did not go down and spend the night with these flea bags..

  9. HOw is the 'Pundit Press' chart for hits lookingt hese days. Wanna publish the truth on that?

  10. OWS is estivating in forclosed homes right now.
    but they will be back.

    Coming soon to a democracy near you....
    Occupy the electorate.

    vox populi, vox anon

  11. Anonymous at 3:45AM: Desperately trying to use the logical fallacy ad hominem to attack the Pundit Press site instead of facts. In other words, that person is a f*cking dumbass

  12. It's so entertaining watching you right wing morons pandering to your 1% bosses. You don't even realise that you are history yet. Get packing for the FEMA camps and get ready for your kids to be fed to industry, or as your friend Newt would prefer, the coal mines. You haven't got a clue how the Occupy movement is going to take over your world when that happens and you just don't get how it's operating. You think that you can judge it by your outmoded systems,'count the web hits' nah, we don't roll like that.