Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Liege, Belgium Attacked By Men With Grenades

From the Atlantic Wire:
Details are sketchy, but initial reports from Belgium say that at least two people were killed when someone began throwing grenades in the city center of Liege. It appears that the attacker or attackers threw grenades or other explosives into crowds then possibly began shooting with firearms. The BBC says "several men" tossed explosives at people waiting at a bus stop and about a dozen people were injured.

Some of the initial reports said that there may have been multiple attackers, while another said it was woman who killed herself at the scene. One report says there were three attackers — one arrested, one killed, and one at large. It's not clear if the dead attacker is among the dead.

Obviously, the situation is chaotic and details are changing, but we'll continue with updates as we get them.
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