Friday, November 18, 2011

A Stunning Display of Hypocrisy

The 1% who say they want their taxes to be raised to help pay down the national debt refuse to donate to the treasury.  

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You either believe that you should be paying more or you don't.  There is no halfway here.  You just gotta love the guy who wanted the reporter to donate when he wouldn't.  I don't think she is part of the 1%.  As usual, higher taxes for thee but not for me.  

At least one of them says he doesn't take all the deductions he is allowed.  Kudos to him.  Him I am willing to listen to because of his integrity and intellectual honesty. 

The truth is this, we spend too much money.  We waste billions upon billions on inefficient government programs and fraud.  I will be willing to pay higher taxes to pay down the debt once they get the spending, fraud, and waste taken care of.  I am not alone in that.  But, not one more dime until then.  

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