Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Roemer Candidacy

Former Louisiana Governor and current candidate for President, Buddy Roemer, has a dream: get money out of politics, or better put - eliminate corruption by limiting the role of corporations, and their lobbyists in government. He would do this by limiting all political donations to just $100, which he has done in his own campaign thus far.

However, this self-imposed limitation has severely restricted his campaign: he has raised just $187,082, has $20,000 in campaign debt and only $46,111 cash on hand. And even worse - the only press attention he has received is when he visited, and supported the Occupy Wall Street protests, which primary voters despise. 

The one-time Democratic Congressman might try to impress voters when telling them about his chats with President Reagan about possibly seeking the White House one day, but in this time of economic chaos - limiting campaign contributions and meeting with occupiers - isn't gonna win you the nod for dogwathcher in Maine, let alone President of the United States.

I can guarantee one thing though - he will not give up until every voter in New Hampshire hears what he has to say, so if you have a chance to meet him in the Granite State, give the former Congressman and Governor a shout out.

What say you?

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