Friday, November 11, 2011

Live Coverage: Occupy Denver Breaks into BlogCon 11; Openly Mocked by Convention-Goers | Update: Videos Added

Occupy Wall Street protesters have apparently broken into "BlogCon 11."  While the group went in to rile up trouble, those at the convention are taking it in good spirits and are openly mocking the OWSers.

And instead of being offended, those at BlogCon are taking pictures and video of the idiots that broke in:
Convention-goers are also chanting various things, mocking the imbecilic rants that OWSers repeat.  One example: "More taste, less filling!  More taste, less filling!"

Update, 4:18pm- Some of the better tweets on the situation:
Update, 4:25pm- Video:

Update, 4:29pm- Another video emerges:

Update, 4:31pm- And another video:

Update, 4:39pm- One of the OWS protesters being arrested:

Update, 4:44pm- Another video-

Update, 4:51pm- Apparently OWS is either not punctual or another wave of idiots is coming. According a source, Occupy Denver has stated that they will crash the convention at 5:00pm. Did they come early?

Update, 5:04pm- Truer words were never said:

Update, 5:13pm- The situation has calmed down, so there will no longer be live coverage below. However, if something further happens, we will be sure to cover it.

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