Friday, November 11, 2011

GOP Catching Up in FL Senate Race

Just a year after Floridians put Marco Rubio in the Senate, they may decide to send another next year. Incumbent Senator and former astronaut Bill Nelson has not made up his mind on another run, but if he does it may be a difficult race.

He may be facing off against Representative Connie Mack. Congressman Mack has a lot of family history in Florida politics. His grandfather was a Senator from the state. His grandfather was also the legendary baseball manager.

Mack received almost 69% in his re-election bid last year, and has always received upwards of 59% in every race that he's run. In 2006, Nelson received 60%. It would certainly be a competitive race.

So if the two are pitted head to head, Nelson's numbers have dived. Nelson had a much larger lead in earlier polling.

Nelson (D)*: 42%
Mack (R): 40%
Other/und: 18%

* denotes incumbent.

Florida appears to have some buyer's remorse over voting for Barack Obama in 2008. Even still, his margin was small and the wavering of many voters was obvious. Now it's elected a GOP Governor and Senator since.

Floridians want conservatism. They may also want young faces to bring it to them. Mack is just 44, while Rubio was even younger.

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