Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thoughts on Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street protests are spreading across the country from their New York City birthplace, and causing continuous disruption wherever they go. My general opinion has been that they don't really matter because most Americans, even if they don't like Wall Street, dislike mob-rule even more.

And this is mob-rule.

Hundreds, and in some isolated occasions, thousands of youth have taken to the streets to demand........... something from the supposed fat-cats on Wall Street and other financial capitals, usually with no effect due largely to their disorganized nature, and collusion of two dozen different causes screaming at the same time.

Their protests are incoherent, except in their anti-capitalist message, and their political impact is bringing me back to history books describing the 1960's, which is bringing me back to why law-and-order politics got a certain man elected to the White House - folks don't like mob-rule, it goes against the American foundation.

I don't think these protesters will have any impact on our culture, although I fear some of them might have an Arab Spring like desire to overthrow the authority, or "the man," and that police should be digging into these chaos-starters for ties to anarchy and anti-american organizations.

What say you?

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