Thursday, October 06, 2011

Huntsman: All in New Hampshire

Former U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman hasn't caught on in the polls, even with his extensive main stream media cheerleading and administration releases that they 'fear him the most', except in his always first on the checklist New Hampshire - where recent polls show him approaching double digits for the first time.

I wrote earlier this year that Huntsman's campaign would have to be based in the granite state, because of its record of supporting unconventional candidacies (Eisenhower in 1952, Lodge in 1964 & Buchanan in 1996) and the fact his moderate record could only compete there.

Well, the recent media reports out of Huntsman land (or, the Salt Lake Tribune in this case) indicate that his campaign is all-in in New Hampshire. Either he will win the primary or finish very well in second place to stay in the race, or he will finish less than necessary and bow out of the election, because there would be no hope.

This shouldn't surprise anyone. Huntsman doesn't appeal to 80% of Republicans - and what Conservatism he does have is usually minimized by his liberalism, which is so offensive at times that some wonder why the man isn't challenging Obama in the Democrat primary.

So what say you?

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