Sunday, October 09, 2011

NFL Political Donations Show the League Leans Right

Doesn't surprise me:
NFL owners and players generally are not shy about expressing their political views—through campaign cash to candidates.

A new study out today from the Center for Responsive Politics ranked the teams by the volume of campaign money given by players, owners, executives and their spouses.

And what they found was that the NFL skews very, very red.

Of the top five most generous NFL franchises, four tilted heavily toward the GOP. The most politically active team in the league, the Houston Texans, was responsible for a total of $293,100 since January of 2009. Of that, $287,300, or 98 percent, went to Republicans. That's because of one man—team owner and energy executive Robert McNair. McNair has given $215,200 of his estimated $1.4 billion net worth to political causes since January 2009, almost entirely to Republicans.

The second highest donating team was the San Diego Chargers, where people affiliated with the teams forked over $171,523, with 79 percent of that going to Republicans.
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