Saturday, October 08, 2011

Just a Note of Introduction

I just wanted to give a note of introduction.  As most of us, I have many titles in my life.  One of the ones that I am most proud of is American.  I am a first generation American, in fact.  I was told often as a child how lucky I was to be an American.  I grew up with a great sense of pride in this country and the freedoms it provides.  My parents left a land that offered little opportunity to come to a country that offered anyone who was willing to work hard a promise of the "American Dream". 

While I did pay attention to politics for the majority of my life, I realized several years back that I needed to become more involved.  Shortly after President Obama took the oath of office I started blogging.  My goal is to write from the heart about what it is like to be a conservative surrounded by liberals, in the suburbs of Washington, DC. 

I have a background in direct marketing and fundraising.  I firmly believe that we, as Americans, can make a real difference in the world.  Not by force, but by giving from our hearts. 

I write my own blog, just a conservative girl, and I contribute at PotLuck as well.  I write about culture and the hypocrisy I see everyday coming from the left.  Especially as it pertains to conservative women and minorities. 

I hope you will find my posts thought provoking, interesting, and maybe you will learn a little something too. 

I look forward to hearing feedback from the readers. 

Please bookmark!