Saturday, October 01, 2011

Liberals Call for Death of Herman Cain; "I Applauded" When He Almost Died of Cancer

I have been writing for Pundit Press for over a year now and I have been a close follower of the news my entire life.  And yet, I have never, ever experienced such vitriolic hatred that the Left is spewing today.  Since the beginning of the year, we have covered liberals calling for the death of Sarah Palin.  We covered a video game, created by a liberal, about killing Tea Partiers.  We even covered liberals blaming Republicans for Hurricane Irene.

But the hatred that has been aimed at Herman Cain is like none other that I have ever witnessed.  Why exactly the Left hates Mr. Cain can only be guessed at.  Whatever the reason, it is not based in reality but on hatred.

And now there's this: there are liberals calling for his assassination or, at the 'very least,' his death.  It is so disgusting and disturbing on so many different levels that it boggles my mind.  Here are just a few examples that I found:

This comment came from a News One article which called on Herman Cain to be quiet (expletives obscured):
This one comes under a YouTube Video entitled, "White Republicans are RACIST BIGOTS" (expletives obscured):
This comment comes from another YouTube video, this one called "Bank Robber Just Wants Healthhcare."  The person's insane suggestion? "Shoot Herman Cain:"
On top of these, there are many more calling for the death of Herman Cain, regardless of how.  For example, this comment from the Huffington Post that refers to when Mr. Cain was speaking about almost dying from cancer:
Note: 4,693 fans
This one comes from Twitter, where a user tells Mr. Cain that he should just kill himself:
And this comment comes from Mediaite, under an article about Herman Cain's thoughts on the Ground Zero Mosque, also known as the Park 51 Project:
Notice: Six "Likes"
I do not know what to say any more.  The fact is, there isn't really that much to say other than these comments are some of the most vile things I have ever seen.  "Civility?"  What a joke.

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  1. Its simple. When someone like Cain wonders off the
    plantation he must be punished/tortured/killed.
    That is the reason my friends.

  2. Liberals are racist by nature. They judge everyone by color to begin with and when any minority doesn't fit their standard profile, they turn viscous fast.

  3. Herman Cain represent the downfall of liberal America. I am proud to be a Conservative who just happens to be Black. With that said we will be intimidated heavily from now through 2012 and beyond. Since that will be the case this Conservative "brother" will exercise his 2nd amendment rights along with some good lessons in case I run into one of these fine upstanding liberal citizens.
    As I said on another blog I am not advocating violence but I sure as hell will not be a target for these nuts whether the next election goes their way or not!

  4. I have to say reading some of the post from the various liberal sites. That I am not surprised. As a black woman and a conservative. Im so glad I am I left the plantation long ago. I stand behind him an other black conservatives. Who choose to go against the grain.

  5. Liberals are loons! Am I the least bit surprised? Uh No! Of the current field, Herman Cain is my pick hands down! Nothing succeeds like success, simple! I would love to see a debate between Herman Cain and the man-child messiah, Obabbles! Cain would mop the floor with that idiot! Bring It!

  6. I did a post earlier this week on Belcher's statement on the double standard about Herman Cain. The sad part is that Belcher doesn't realize that he is part of the problem. Anything can be said about Cain and it is fine, but the minute that Cain says something that I considered to be innocent about how blacks vote he gets called a bigot. Where is Belcher on these comments? Oh, yeah nowhere to be found.

  7. The source of the liberal hatred is fear -- they know Cain is the Anti-Obama.

  8. Shame on you...this article is a perfect example of the problem, not as effort to inform. The internet is full of blogs which contain comments you could use for any extreme position.

    I know on a different level, I respond to polls asking for my favorite GOP candidate and never miss an opportunity to vote for a Perry/ Bachman ticket.

    I am enjoying the PBS documentary "Prohibition", and taking some consolation in the following:

    Prohibition illustrates the "extremism that sabotages itself by refusing to compromise." This refers to the fact that temperance could have succeeded, were it not that -- in historian Catherine Gilbert Murdoch's words -- “In their extremism, they eliminated all moderate support.” (The word "temperance" actually historically meant "moderation.")

  9. Great post Aurelius! You must show me how to do that screen-capture of the Twitter feeds!

    How well it is said, "From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks...", and from mouths of the so-called "liberals" we see an abundance of the most vile hatred, and malice disguising itself as "free speech".

  10. So you're actually singling out comments from individual whackos you don't know, and nobody's heard of, appended to YouTube videos, Twitter, and websites, to make an overall claim they represent any particular group, party affiliation, etc.? Equally vile comments from people on "the right" can be found online, particularly on websites operated by some people who think of themselves as conservatives, and I don't ascribe their beliefs to the majority on the right. And there's always the possibility of provocateurs operating on their own, or in concert with some small hate group.

    Many comments on these venues have LONG been known to be posted by some of the dumber, more hateful members of society, and these kinds of extreme comments have never represented the attitudes any particular major group. Anyone with even the slightest amount of Internet sophistication knows this. Unless you've personally looked into each of the people making these stupid statements, you can't claim they represent anyone other than themselves. It's exactly like overhearing a random person on the street blurt out something stupid regarding someone else, and simply by noting who they're spouting about, making a claim that everyone else who doesn't like the person being maligned by this one individual, must agree with that one spouting fool. That's not what journalism, or journalistic criticism, is about.

  11. Oh, I've seen much worse. I've seen actual articles. But these posters are just general anti-social types, and they come from both the left and the right. In fact, some of them are trolls who are just pretending to be left or right wing. You gotta take those comments with a grain of salt.