Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Cain Builds Lead in Four States

Former CEO and Federal Reserve Governor Herman Cain has been surging the last several weeks. The conservative leader has pushed into second place, tying with Texas Governor Rick Perry. He's received a lot of media coverage lately and was interviewed on the Tonight Show last week.

Cain has also been impressive in individual states. Cain's name recognition is rising, along with his popularity. His message of fiscal prudence and the 9-9-9 tax plan are welcomed by many.

Cain's candidacy is combining fiscal and social conservatives and his remarks supporting Israel will draw in national security hawks. In polling released today, Cain is storming the states.

Take first the most likely pro-Cain state, Georgia, his home.

Cain: 41%
Gingrich: 17%
Romney 10%
Perry 9%
Paul 5%
Bachmann 1%
Huntsman 1%

Fellow Georgian Newt Gingrich takes a solid second place, but is still 25% behind Cain.

In nearby North Carolina, Cain has also surged to the top. Public Policy Polling (which tends to lean left, did three state polls):

Cain 27%
Gingrich 17%
Romney 17%
Perry 15%
Paul 6%
Bachmann 6%
Huntsman 2%
Santorum 2%

And in Nebraska he also holds a double-digit lead:

Cain 30%
Gingrich 16%
Romney 13%
Perry 10%
Bachmann 10%
Paul 5%
Santorum 4%
Huntsman 2%

In West Virginia, Cain holds a smaller lead, but is still on top:

Cain 24%
Gingrich 18%
Romney 16%
Perry 15%
Bachmann 8%
Paul 6%
Santorum 3%
Huntsman 1

If Cain can start pushing 50% in states, he very well could become the front runner. Perry and Bachmann's decline in the polls are aiding Cain-- as well as the business leader's good debate performance.

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