Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vote- Ron Paul: Genius or Lunatic?

When talking about Congressman Ron Paul, there is almost always a sharp, polarized divide.  For those who like him, he is an intelligent realist who has the guts to say what other politicians wish they could.  To his detractors, he is a dangerous kook that should just retire.

So, we here at Pundit Press figured that this would be a good poll topic.  Ron Paul: Genius or Lunatic?  Vote below:

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  1. Can you spell crazy? I can!

  2. Why this constant berating of Ron Paul? It makes so-called conservative websites look no better than a Soros funded Media Matters. No one wants to be told who to vote for. No one wants conservative websites to push a 'favorite' over every other candidate. We want real vetting. We want to know the good, bad and ugly about every candidate. We do not want sugarcoated commentary. And we do not want biased reporting or candidates' words taken out of context and misrepresented.
    If you want to be a blog worth reading report what was actually said and instead of leading readers to your conclusions, just offer them them and let commentors correct or agree. We are not idiots and we can decide for ourselves as to the meaning of what a candidate said or did.
    One thing many of us do not want is a repeat of Obamao. That usurper was pushed on the country by the MSM who didn't vet. Now Perry is being pushed onto us from conservative sites. This guys uses EOs the same way BO does and you want me to vote for him? To many of us he feels like 'the chosen one' and we just did that with BO! NO MORE! Texas doesn't do well because of Perry, it does well despite Perry.
    One aspect of RP I find attractive, he is the exact opposite of BO. Often I think we need to push the pendulum so far to the right just to get it back toward the center right. No other candidate but Paul will do that. No other candidate will go after the FRB like Paul. No other candidate will repeal BO's 'Rural Council' EO because no other candidate wants to get us out of the UN. He wants to deregulate the EPA and allow drilling anywhere. He has been consistant with his views forever.
    I keep hearing that 'jobs' is the number one issue, but it apparently is not if people's only concern is that he won't start a 'kinetic' war with Syria. I actually believe RP would listen to his defense advisors, unlike BO who believes he knows it all. And RP would engage in a war just because NATO asked us to, especially without getting Congressional approval.
    Just my one dollar (which is barely worth more than two cents now).