Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/11 Memorial in NJ Inscribed With Names of Politicians, Not Victims

A piece of inscribed granite that was part of a 9/11 memorial in front of a New Jersey municipal building was removed Wednesday, just days after its dedication, because it contained the names of politicians, not victims.

"It made my blood boil," said retired Washington Township police officer Dennis Ryan, 55, who complained about the marker publicly after attending Sunday's 10th anniversary ceremony.

The marker sat next to a piece of steel from the World Trade Center, and while it acknowledged the 10th anniversary of the attack, the only names listed were the mayor and the town's committee members and administrator.

Mayor Samir Elbassiouny, whose name was on the stone, said it was just a small part of the main memorial.

"If I offended anyone, I apologize," said Elbassiouny.
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