Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Military Tries to Stop Troop Drawdown

Supporting our ongoing War in Afghanistan and the current troop levels is a lonely position for any person today, but the United States Military is up to the challenge and we should all hope they succeed.

With the President, the Congress and the people all standing against them, our men and women in uniform have performed admirably in Afghanistan. Our enemies are on the run, and significant progress has been made - especially in the crucial Helmand and Kandahar Provinces. The Military has succeeded against all odds.

However, they face their biggest battle to date next month: maintaining the current troop surge levels.

Everyone from President Obama to Senator Levin to incoming Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta support drawing down our 2009-10 troop surge and negotiating with Taliban leaders, while few have been willing to stand with our Military and ride out the fight until victory is achieved.

Well, the Military is more than willing.

According to a Politico report - the

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