Friday, July 22, 2011

BREAKING: 20-30 Killed in Utøya, First Picture from Utøya:

BREAKING UPDATE, 2:48 EST: An eyewitness (perhaps the same one) made similar statements to Norwegian media, saying that he saw 20-25 bodies.

Some horrible news-- an eyewitness has said that between 20-30 people were killed by a shooter at the Labor Party camp in Utøya... this is unconfirmed but would be horrible. These are young people killed in cold blood.

The first picture has been released from the island:

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  1. Beware fallen West--especially former Protestant societies--you cannot stand.

  2. Mr. Mcgranor said...
    "Beware fallen West--especially former Protestant societies--you cannot stand."

    That's absurd. You, sir, are a moron. Please do mankind a favor and jump off the nearest tall building.

  3. I see inbreeding is still alive and kicking in Missouri.

  4. This is a cruel act of an insane man... i live 1 hr drive from this place and it's just unreal.. all of Norway are in shock and all our thoughts go out to all the families and loved ones of the victims...

  5. Protestant's are idiots

  6. An operation planned by globalists (Soros, etc), aimed at justifying gun control, then gun bans.