Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Vote in Our Poll: Should Rep Weiner Resign?

Following yesterday's admission that he had sent a lewd photograph to a women, as well as others, Democrat Rep Anthony Weiner is facing a hellstorm of criticism.  Republicans in Congress are calling for him to step down immediately, while Democrats, who had defended his lies, are now planning an ethics investigation.

Yet Weiner is refusing to step down.  Saying he did "nothing illegal," the Congressman stated yesterday that there is no real reason for him to step down.  Instead, he will try to win back his constituents and "prove" that he is trustworthy again.

So the big question today: Should Representative Weiner resign?  Or should he weather the storm?  Vote below:

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  1. to much fun watching this demon-rat squirm

    BTW...Weiner was the Beard to take the lesbian question away from Hillary & Huma

  2. If the Democrats allow Weiner to stay, THEY MUST REINSTATE Rep Chris Lee!!!!!!!

    Democrats are "Alinskying" Congress and the public.

    If Chris Lee was guilty, then Anthony Weiner is, too.