Tuesday, June 07, 2011

June Snow in Hawaii During Summer

I know the headline is bad, but people might be looking this up on Google.

Anyway-- talking about global warming did you see the one about Hawaii getting snow-- in June!

“It was hailing in Waimea!” said Pam. “I dont know if it has to do the with the world climate change, or what.”

The Mauna Kea Access Road was closed for a period this weekend, but by Sunday afternoon, the summit was open to the public once more.

Employees on the roofs of the summit observatories worked to clear as much snow from the telescopes as possible before nightfall.

The roads were in good condition, and although the mountain was quiet for a snow day, there were still some brave groups who ventured up.

The snowy slopes were not ideal for sledding, but it was difficult for Akao and the kids to resist going down on their bodyboards.
We're all going to die!

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