Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Alan Grayson Re-Writes Green Lantern Comic, Praises Karl Marx

Alan Grayson is crazy.  He was booted from office after he knowingly edited his opponents words and after warning that, should the government spend less, humans would have to resort to cannibalism, as well as doing a terrible job.  And now there's this.

Grayson, having absolutely nothing to do with his time, decided to write an article on the Daily Kos (and on the Huffington Post) entitled "Green Lantern."  In it, he laments that the newly released movie isn't getting better reviews.  Grayson then posits that this line (from Green Lantern #76) should have been included in the theatrical release:
African-American Man: I’ve been readin’ about you . . . How you work for the blue skins . . . and how on a planet someplace you helped out the orange skins . . . and you done considerable for thepurple skins! Only there’s skins you never bother with – the black skins! I want to know . . . how come?! Answer me that, Mr. Green Lantern!

Green Lantern: I . . . can’t . . . .
He then says that, should he ever talk to "savage right-wing loons," he would say this (emphasis his):
Me: I’ve been readin’ about you . . . How you work for multinational corporations like Big Oil. . . . And how you say you built all those roads and schools and bridges in some country in Asia. And in some other country in the Middle East someplace you got rid of some dictator. Only there’s one country you never bother with – America! I want to know . . . how come?! Answer me that, Mr.Flag-Waiving Patriot!

Them: I . . . can’t . . . .
Aside from the blind, uninformed babble, I'd like to concentrate on Grayson's last line in his rant: "Answer me that, Mr.Flag-Waiving Patriot!"  You'll notice that in the original, the Green Lantern is called... Mr. Green Lantern.  You know, because that's what he is.  So, is Grayson actually mocking people by calling them a flag-waiving patriot?  Is that some sort of an insult on the Left now?
He's as sane as he is handsome
And, of course, no babble from a hard lefty is complete with out them referring to Karl Marx:
And we’ve seen them replaced by endless war, falling home values, no pensions, lower wages, and now what Karl Marx called a “reserve army of the unemployed” – to keep wages down forever.
Because, you know, Marxism has worked in so many places... Like that one country?  Yeah, that one?  Yeah.

I'll tell you what, when the Republicans had the landslide this past November, there was no one happier (other than maybe Daniel Webster) to see Alan Grayson go than me.

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