Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What If Weiner Is Guilty?

Everyone has written about the "Weinergate" scandal this past Memorial Day weekend, with the exception of me, because I was actually working and all the aforementioned articles contain nothing but pure political speculation by both sides.

So what am I writing about right now?

On what the consequences should be if Congressman Weiner is guilty.

Voters expect their Representatives and Senators to not only represent them in Washington, but to do so with no personal, or political scandals. Florida's 16th congressional district punished two consecutive Representatives for disturbing sexual scandals, and rightfully so.

We don't expect angels in Congress, but we do demand fidelity.

The Queens area Congressman, if guilty of what he's accused of, should follow the example of Congressman Chris Lee (R-NY) by resigning immediately and sparing his constituents of further embarrassment because of his own immoral pursuits on Twitter.

There's nothing more or less to add to the debate.

What say you?


  1. The problem with Weiner is that he is guilty and has tried to downplay the episode. Furthermore he has made things worse by lying to cover up his personal involvement... what can we expect from a guy like this representing voters on more serious matters... he is acting carelessly and dangerously. He has a severe character flaw and should not be representing anyone!