Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Month in Review

After a busy April, we at Pundit Press had an exciting May.  We started off with a blast (and so did Osama bin Laden to the skull). We're at 184 subscribers, 123 Twitter subscribers, and 113 followers. So without further ado...

Number of articles written in April: 369 articles
Most written in one day: 57 (May 2)

Most articles by author-

Thomas Ferdousi- 146 articles
Aurelius- 123 articles
Mr. K- 54 articles
Unlikely Hospitalist- 35 articles
Danny R Butcher- 4 articles
Kaptain Krude- 4 articles
Dr. Owens- 4 articles
Dr. White- 2 articles
Eric Dondero- 1 article
Fenway_Nation- 1 article
Joe C.- 1 article

In the month of April, Pundit Press received 163,555 pageviews, a 21% increase and our biggest moth yet!

The top articles of the month:

1. Obama Speech Transcript, May 1st about Osama bin Laden Death, by Thomas with 19,569 views, or 12% of the views

2. Unconfirmed: Osama bin Laden Death Photo (WARNING, EXTREMELY GRAPHIC) | UPDATE: Confirmed to be FAKE, by Aurelius with 8,031 views, or 5%

3. Death Photo of Osama bin Laden's Son Hamza (GRAPHIC), by Aurelius with 6,957 views or 4.3%

4. Photos of Osama bin Laden Mansion Hideout, by Thomas with 6,738 views, or 4.1%

5. Watch Obama Speech Live, May 1, 2011, by Aurelius with 6,259 views, or 3.8%

6. Death Photos of Unidentified Men in Osama bin Laden Compound Leaked (WARNING, GRAPHIC), by Aurelius with 6,219 views, or 3.8%

7. EPA to Use New Regulations to Prohibit Hydraulic Fracturing?, by Unlikely Hospitalist with 5,915 views, or 3.6%

8. California DoT Nixes Public Display of American Flag, Calls it "Impermissible Public Expression," by Aurelius with 5,449 views, or 3.3%

9. Video- LSU Student Attempting to Burn Flag Chased Away by Patriots Chanting "Go to Hell, Hippie," by Aurelius with 4,646 views, or 2.8%

10. Where Was Osama bin Laden Killed?, by Aurelius, with 4,514 views, or 2.8%

11. Liberal Commenters on ThinkProgress: Allen West a "Lawn Jockey," "Uncle Tom," "Token Black Bagger," by Aurelius with 4,012 views, or 2.5%

12. Arnold Schwarzenegger Divorce, by Thomas with 3,728 views, or 2.3%

13.  Article on Lara Logan Rape, by Aurelius with 3,592 views, or 2.2%

14. Vote in Our Poll: 2012 GOP Nomination, by Thomas with 2,801 views, or 1.7%

15. Obama Speech on Middle East Transcript, May 19, 2011, by Aurelius with 2,187 views, or 1.3%

16. Osama bin Laden Shot in Head by CIA, by Thomas with 2,090 views, or 1.3%

17. Live Video: Watch Netanyahu Speech to Congress, by Thomas with 2,026 views, or 1.2%

18. Full Obama Speech Video on Osama bin Laden's Death, May 1, 2011, by Aurelius with 1,531 views, or .9%

19. YES! Osama bin Laden Dead, by Aurelius with 1,522 views, or .9%

20. Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger Getting a Divorce?, by Aurelius with 1,506 views, or .9%

21. Fake Osama bin Laden Picture Leaked (With Picture), by Aurelius with 1,413 views, or .9%

22. Video- Netanyahu's Entire Speech to Congress, May 24, 2011, by Aurelius with 1,406 views, or .9%

23. Watch Obama Speech in Ireland Live (Streaming), May 23, 2011, by Aurelius with 1,392 views, or .9%

24. Bin Laden Killed by Navy Seals, by Thomas with 1,382 views, or .8%

25. NY-26 Special Election Results, by Mr. K with 1,344 views, or .8%

26. NASA-Funded Group Caught Doctoring Global Warming Data, by Aurelius with 1,297 views, or .8%

27. Pictures of Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami March 11, 2011, by Aurelius with 1,292 views, or .8%

28. Picture of "Water Gun" Behind Dead Man in Osama bin Laden Compound (Graphic), by Aurelius with 1,154 views, or .7%

29. Video: Stephen Harper Victory Speech, by Thomas with 1000 views, or .6%

Top Contributor of the Month-

For coming in a solid third in articles written, Mr. K is the top contributor in the month of May

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Tomb of the the unknown blogger (for anyone we missed)


- Pundit Press welcomes Danny R. Butcher, from the acclaimed site High Plains Pundit, to the team
- Joe wrote an entire article
- This month contained the highest number of articles with 1,000+ hits
- Ann Coulter was gracious enough to link to us twice this month
- Osama bin Laden is dead!

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