Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Inevitable: Idiots Form 'Osama NOT Dead' Group on Facebook

Well, it didn't take very long for the stupid people of the world to wake up and come up with a pushback against the fact that Osama bin Laden is currently bobbing someplace in the Indian Ocean today. Instead, the same people that believe just about anything have decided to believe that the killing of bin Laden was fake.

Welcome to the "Osama bin Laden NOT DEAD" group on Facebook.

It has many members from outside of the United States-- apparently the conspiracy theories that abounded after September 11th die hard. Further, there's a lot of handwringing about American policies.

The group has just shy of 800 members, which will certainly grow in the upcoming days. It's unclear if photos of Osama's dead body or burial will make much of a difference.

Take this useful idiot who misattributes a quote from Abraham Lincoln:

How about some "proof" of why bin Laden's not dead:
Or denying the Halabja massacre to stick it to Bush?

Or what about showing a fake picture of bin Laden's death and claiming that it's evidence that...the killing was fake:

What about doubt mixed with condescending moral equivalency?

Last, but certainly not least, shows us the background of the 'true believers.' Basically, they do not believe just about anything unless it can be anti-American enough. Case in point:

I have to stop looking at that group before my eyes start bleeding.

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  1. He's dead, Semper Fi

  2. These guys in this group make a valid point. As of right now all we have is the word of the government. AND THAT IS IT! I do not buy it. They had no incentive to have killed bin Laden, bearing in mind that bin Laden had much information of great value that could be extracted from him. Why kill him and not take advantage of that? The way the US attacks is not just going in and killing, it is taking people to courts and judging them first. Well, you need to wait and also question a little more. Don't be so gullible.

  3. What a bunch of complete fucking idiots. Least they're not as dumb as the fucking science community who require ALL claims to be backed up by evidence that can be empirically validated. Or as stupid as the fucking philosophers who require all arguments be justified logically.

    What fucking retards.........

  4. All they want is proof, just like everyone else. but then again, if Obama tells you he's an alien, you'd probably be stupid enough to believe that. I'm not a part of that group but they have a point. You can't just take the government's word. Some people need proof.

  5. the guy who write this post must be a 4 years old kid. there's no other explanation

  6. Apparently he's never listened to Bob Marley's "Get Up Stand Up". Those are lyrics from the song.

    The author did a great job of making himself look like a complete dumbass with this post

  7. so, in a court its fine and good to ask for evidence for the commoner, but anything asserted by the government should be take at face value? If anything was learned from the WMD debacle, it's that we should not. Go ahead and stay tuned into Fox asshat.

  8. "the guy who write this post must be a 4 years old kid. there's no other explanation"

    The guy who wrote this comment mus be a 4 year old kid. There's no other explanation

    "Apparently he's never listened to Bob Marley's "Get Up Stand Up". Those are lyrics from the song."

    Pretty sure Lincoln said it over a hundred years before Marley did. The author of this comment did a great job of making himself look like a complete dumbass with this post.

  9. They are right!! Osama is alive. He's living in a space pod on the moon getting stoned with Elvis and Jim Morrison. Oh, I'm sorry. That can't be correct. We never went to the moon either.....Do these idiots really think Obama would try to pull a stunt like this 17 months before his re-election victory? If it were to come out that this was a hoax, Obama would have no chance of being re-elected. He'd probably even lose to Palin. If this was an attempt to help him win the re-election, as some morons beleive, he would have planned this much closer to the election date, like in September or October of 2012. It's these people who make this country look stupid in the eyes of other countries.