Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Romney Wins Colorado Straw Poll.

Mitt Romney, who will probably announce his Presidential bid soon, has won a straw poll of over 300 party faithful in Colorado. Republicans gathered to hear New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, among others, speak on the evening of state committeemen meeting to elect a new Chairman.
Leading the way with 26% of the vote, the former Massachusetts Governor has become the front runner in a state he carried with relative ease in 2008. Michele Bachmann placed second with 13%, while Tim Pawlenty finished third with 12%.

So what does this mean?
  1. Former Governor Mitt Romney will probably repeat his resounding 2008 Primary victory in the swing state, even though it has moved towards the right. His base is that strong.
  2. Michele Bachmann, who is not a power player in the House Republican leadership, is showing signs of substantial strength. The Tea Party vote will be vital in 2012, especially for candidates like Bachmann.
  3. Tim Pawlenty's name recognition is low among Republican voters, but his Presidential announcement two weeks ago is obviously helping his cause.
Colorado's GOP Primary will probably not play kingmaker next year, but it does indicate that Romney will be quite tough, and that most Republicans are divided over who they support for the Presidential nomination next year.

What say you?

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