Thursday, April 07, 2011

Koch Brothers, Show Me the Money!

Aurelius wrote about the two brothers a little while ago, so I won't belabor that point. However, with the mess in Wisconsin, let's put some leftist "logic" to the test. Apparently the Koch brothers, the horrid robber barons of the 1890s, are attempting to starve poor kids and crush pensions, safety regulations, and build a new Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.

Well, this blog apparently is "owned" by them, if you take a look at some of the comments about our article about the Wisconsin ballot-shredding scandal.

Take DemocraticUnderground, for example:

Or that it's the dirty Kochs trying to steal the election, from a comment on our article:

Now, making sure no extra ballots are added by the right, by the Koch Bros. and their money...that is a real concern. Not about ballots that weren't actually destroyed. Open your eyes people.

So if this blog is apparently controlled remotely by these supposed robber barons, I have a simple proposition for them.

You owe me.

Look, apparently I went to Wisconsin and shredded the ballots myself and also marked up some pro-Kloppenburg votes. I went to all the municipalities beating old and poor people then reported it so the Koch Bros & Company Inc. could profit.

That's right, you owe me. According to liberal logic, this site is a center of nefarious union busting, run by David Koch himself. So lay some cheddar on us. I'll be happy with $10 million.

And unless you hear of some obscure blogger getting rich for no particular reason, you can tell that the Koch Bros. fantasy is a false one, trumped up by people with excuses the size of Wisconsin.

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