Thursday, April 07, 2011

Justice Prosser Outperformed Walker in Milwaukee County

We still don't know who won Wisconsin's state Supreme Court election between incumbent Justice David Prosser and JoAnn Kloppenburg, but we do know that Mr. Prosser did outperform Governor Walker in one of the most important, and densely populated counties - Milwaukee.

2010 Gubernatorial election:

Tom Barrett (D) - 62%.
Scott Walker (R) - 38%.

2011 Supreme Court election:

JoAnn Kloppenburg (D) - 57%.
Justice David Prosser (R) - 43%.

Prosser actually outperformed Governor Walker in populous counties overall, but failed to match his totals in rural Wisconsin, which will hurt him during the recount.

The pro-union forces could not even keep the Conservative below 40% in this Democratic stronghold one month after the "unpopular union bill" was passed.

What say you?

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  1. I outperformed Walker in Milwaukee in my 2010 Congressional bid. Prior to the 2010 election cycle the conventional wisdom was in order to win a statewide election you have to win in Milwaukee. Walker proved that to be untrue.