Tuesday, March 22, 2011

US Plane Crashes Over Libya; Pilots Alive

A United States F-15 has crashed over Libya this morning due to what the military is calling "mechanical failure."  The pilots both ejected, with one now in U.S. safety and the other close to being rescued from enemy territory.
An F-15
The L.A. Times continues:
"We do not believe it was shot down," Crawley said Tuesday. 
It was not immediately known where or when the plane went down. Crawley said until the second crewman is recovered the U.S.'s Africa Command would not offer further details. 
The crew members were separated because they ejected at high altitudes and ended up in different areas, Crawley said, adding that both had minor injuries. 
He declined to say who was aiding in the recovery of the crewmember, noting that before each mission the military already has recovery plans in place. 
"That operation is taking place as we speak," Crawley said.

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